Dreaming of the Cuban colours: interview with designer Gosha Altshuler

It seems quite unusual to discover the colours of Cuban land in Ukraine. Well, I did it, in a way. I have looked at Gosha Altshuler designs for Spring/Summer 2017 and I was, instantly, back to Havana. But it was not only about colours. Along with Buena Vista Social Club collection of Gosha Altshuler, I have discovered a cool brand made in Ukraine. “I love working with suede, denim, I love combining different textures and obtaining unusual results”, said Gosha Altshuler, the designer behind the label. And I talked to him about the first piece of clothing that made him think about a career in fashion world, about the changes in Ukrainian fashion industry and about the plans for the next season’s collection.

“I love working with suede, denim, I love combining different textures and obtaining unusual results”, said Gosha Altshuler, the designer behind the label.
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How did the world of fashion change in the last 12 years since you have started the brand? (in a good way, in a bad way…) 

During these years the course of fashion managed to make a circle. Thus, many trends of 2000-s now are back, but in a new fresh interpretation. We’ve survived several crises and revolutions during this period. It’s natural that all this made a big impact on all spheres. The events of last few years served as an impulse for more vigorous processes in Ukrainian fashion industry.  And at the same time such changes made us to face all the problems existing in the industry.

We still continue to have problems with access to good materials and accessories. Unfortunately there is lack of real specialists and at the same time a lot of people of insufficient qualification. But nevertheless, this is a period when appeared people, who are really descent to represent Ukrainian fashion in the world.

Finally we’ve attracted attention of the world fashion industry; today we are competent and descent players of the industry.

Gosha Altshuler spring/summer 2017 collection

Do you remember your first sketch, your first piece of clothing? How did they looked like? 

I created my first piece while still studying at school. It was a denim skirt for my sister. And by the way, the skirt looked very trendy and my sister wore it a lot. This episode was in some way crucial for me and helped me to choose my profession.

Why Buena Vista Social Club for SS17 collection? 

To start with I always was attracted by Cuba, dreamt to visit it. In addition the theme of Cuba is a trend of the coming season. So while making my collection I read and watched a lot of materials about Cuba. I plunged into its atmosphere listening to charming Cuban music – Ibrahim Ferrer, Compay Segundo, Ruben Gonzalez and others. And the documentary about them became my main impulse to create the collection.

Gosha Altshuler Spring/Summer 2017

What is the signature-piece of the brand and why?

You know, I am not in position to judge about it. My clients are those people who’ll tell you about it more and better. For me different periods are reflected by my love to different things. I’d say it depends a lot on the state of your mind in the concrete moment of life.

What are your favourite fabrics to work with? Why?

I adore working with suede, leather and denim. Of course I also like to experiment with newest materials and technologies. Combining different textures and obtaining unusual results – that what attracts me as a designer. I am interested in all kinds of collaboration and cooperation; this offers new opportunities, ideas and knowledge.

What are you preparing for FW 17/18 collection? What would be the inspiration?

This time I definitively want to turn back to my roots, to something that I really love and at what I am really good. That is working with leather, suede, fur and combining it with other materials. I find my inspiration as usually in music. To cut a long story short – best traditions contribute to the future.

Gosha Altshuler

Gosha Altshuler

About the brand: Gosha Altshuler is a Ukrainian brand of women’s clothing. The brand’s designer Gosha Altshuler is one who remains faithful to the best traditions of art of tailoring. He revives classical cuts giving them a new modern interpretation. Twelve years of brand’s history proved its signature quality and style.

Instagram @goshaaltshuler.official / Facebook  @goshaaltshuler.official


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