A jewellery seeker’s diary

I love jewels. I buy a lot. Usually I forget to take them out of the drawer and put them in an outfit. Yes, I know, I should have them out of the drawer… Feeling in the mood for new pieces and hoping not to forget about them as soon as I have them in my hands, I put the internet under the radar and I discovered new amazing pieces. And 7 interesting jewellery designers.

(pictured above): Delfina Delettrez rings. “I like to play the alchemist”, she said. And Delfina (from Fendi family) knows the deal. Inspired by human body and childhood memories, each piece, handcrafted, uses organic materials and precious stones. I fell for the eye ring. (www.delfinadelettrez.com)

Wood, acrylic, an Asian simplicity and pure geometry: the brooches created by Kira Yurina (a Taiwanese designer) surprised me with their beautiful aesthetic. (http://www.kirayurina.com)


Stories handcrafted in silver: that can be the description of the Simo Shomov’s designs. The Bulgarian artist captures in silver real stories, transformed into miniature scenes hanging as a pendant or earrings. (http://simoshomov.com)


Black side of the diamonds: I can wear every day the rings from Thirteen31. They are so cool, so light and so precious at the same time; I like the interesting models that Joanne Fiske imagined for rings and the heavy cuff (perfect for a rock’n roll party!) (www.thirteen31.com)


A fantastic story tells the Estonian Tanel Veenre in the jewellery collection. Sometimes, the necklaces remind me of Game of Thrones. But it is, in fact, like the author says, “an amazing journey that starts from the depths of the sea, continues on through coral reefs, past dancing sea horses and then on to the cultivation of silkworms. The voyage ends in a cosmic cloud”. (www.tanelveenre.com)


It could be an engagement ring for someone with a sense a humour (can’t say isn’t a “big rock” involved). But it suits better a black edgy dress or a velvet tuxedo. Gigi Mariani was always fascinated by the infinite potential that metal offer and the opportunity to transform it: “I try to transfer everyday emotions into my jewellery in an impulsive way.” (www.gigimariani.it)


The perfect ceramic isn’t in the kitchen: is in the Raluca Buzura’s gorgeous necklaces. I know for sure that I cannot keep too much in the drawer a a necklace like this. (http://ralucabuzura.blogspot.ro)


Photo: pages of the artists