4 exhibitions to see right now in Bucharest

Some beautiful paintings, an artistic duo, cool installations and a project that changes our perspective on recycling – these are the newest 4 exhibitions to see in Bucharest. Which one is your favourite? 

1. Inside/Outside 3.0 – Galateca (from 2nd of October to 7th of November 2020)@galateca

In actual times, to see from outside the beautiful art works inside the gallery could be a wonderful gift to the art lovers. “Ready, Set, Action!” was the motto of the exhibition. 5 artists, with 5 different visions and the scenographer put the magic into scene.
What can we see? Plakat ’60 (Octavian Neculai) is a bridge that takes the public to get inside of the gallery. Andreea Medar & Mălina Ionescu | August grass / Nothing much / To do – is an ambient installation that underlines the fragile equilibrium that we live in. Nadina Stoica | The story of a solitary lamp man – put the solitude into perspective. 
Through High Hopes, Vlad Eftenie explores the possibilities that appear after we loose all the exterior landmarks. In Upcycling-costume installations, Cristina Milea put the finger on a very actual problem, fashion polluting. SoLemn by Cristinei Curelea invites people to open up to others. 

INSIDE OUTSIDE 3.0 -Nadina Stoica

2. Last chance to see – “DEEESTUL!” (14-31 of October 2020), in Odeon Theatre Square & www.environ.ro/deeestul

10 photographies made by @thestoryalist, staring @anamaria_bucura express the impact that the electric and electronic residues pollute out planet. The campaign and the exhibition is organised by Environ Association. 

3. “Frame” by Arantxa Etcheverria & Carlos Caballero (Galeria Sector 1) – From: 22 October to 5th of December 2020. @sector1gallery

An French artist that lives in Romania, a Cuban artist and an Italian curator  made a wonderful team in order to put together one of the coolest exhibitions from Bucharest. One architectural vision and some organic and contemporary mythologies are combined in this exhibition “Frame”. “To put things in a frame means to give them a shape and a meaning”, the curator Domenico de Chirico said. Carlos Caballero works have a certain rigour and a bizarre fluidity at the same time. The works by Arantxa Etcheverria have references of mystique and, at the same time, have architectural lines and respect the space geometry. 

Carlos Caballero -Pararellism
Arantxa Etcheverria – Black Window

4. Ada Muntean, Corporealities. Uncertain Bodies – Estopia Art Gallery – From: 22 October to 21 November 2020 – @estopiaartgallery

Never in contemporary art world the body has been more exposed, explored and exploited. The Ada Muntean series presents the body reality – from the fashion body to the unusual one, from sensuality to erotism, from historical portrait to the auto portrait. “For me, a body represents the beginning and the end, the most important thing in our life”, said the artist. “Exploring the body means, after all, exploring the world.”

Ada Muntean, Estopia Art Gallery
Ada Muntean, Estopia Art Gallery