3 exhibitions to see right now in Bucharest

Full coloured paintings escaping from reality, a conceptual art in a light universe, an art domino effect played with 13 artists: the last month of this year gives us a lots of reasons to enjoy art. Here are 3 new and cool exhibitions to see in Bucharest. 

At Galeria Estopia Bucharest. From 27th of November to 16 of January 2021 – Not Natural, by Andrada Feșnic. The paintings are, all works that play between “what it is” and “what could have been”. “I want to compose an interactive world, like a puzzle, where pieces are missing, and to dare the one who’s looking to the picture to complete it with his / her own imagination, memory and reason”, says the artist. (www.estopiaartgallery.com

Not Natural, by Andrada Feșnic
Not Natural, by Andrada Feșnic

At Galateca Gallery, Bucharest. From 17th of November to 5th of December 2020 – Lights from my studio by Ioan Galea. It is the first solo exhibition of the artist. Therefore, in the white space of the gallery we encounter 20 different art works that transport us in a light universe, populated with pastel colours and absolute geometries. What you can see is completed with the invisible parts of the art, the little details and the bold colour spots compose some mystical landscapes. It the perfect escape for an afternoon in Bucharest. (www.galateca.ro

Lights from my studio by Ioan Galea
Lights from my studio by Ioan Galea

At Gaep Gallery, Bucharest. From 21st of November 2020 to 6th of February 2021 – The Domino Effect by 13 artists (Răzvan Anton, Pavel Brăila, Radu Cioca, Felipe Cohen, Vlatka Horvat, Ištvan Išt Huzjan, Sebastian Moldovan, Tania Mouraud, Damir Očko (READ here an interview with the artist), Raluca Popa, Marilena Preda Sânc, Mircea Stănescu, Ignacio Uriarte). Every artist chooses the next artist work – it is, basically, a chain reaction, a domino effect with drawings, collage, painting, photography, sculpture, video involved. 
The idea of the exhibitions came from the curator Tevž Logar – What is happening when different artists, who work and live in different parts of the world come together and decide, one for the other, what piece of art should present to the world? (gaepgallery.com)

Felipe Cohen, Untitled (White Series #6), 2019, courtesy of the artist and Gaep Gallery
Marilena Preda Sânc, Landscape Reordering, 1982, courtesy of the artist and Gaep Gallery