Style is about attitude: an interview with the young designer Liliana Timiș

Delicate as her lace dresses, Liliana Timiș is one of the designers that caught my attention at UAD 2016 Gala in Cluj. So, I had to talk to her about the inspiration, to try the dresses, to play with the half-coat. “When I went to the tailor and I told him that I want just a half of a coat, he smiled and told me that nobody will wear it. I assure him that I will personally wear it”, Liliana said to me, while I was trying to stay still on high heels, feeling like a movie star. I said to her that I saw Valentino haute couture collection and the coats had almost the same high shoulders covered with lace. She smiled, and we talked about style and sketches, about classical pieces and next projects.

Liliana Timiș works could be found on Facebook page. 

liliana timis details

Where did the inspiration come for the collection presented at UAD Gala 2016?

I am fascinated by mystical world. So I chose to make a collection inspired by the androgyne myth. It is the perfect example how the man tries to reach the primordial form, defined as a perfect state of being. I tried to develop the idea of duality in this collection, to combine the feminine and the masculine parts, to make them accomplish the perfect equilibrium. More than that, I tried to compose a new type of attitude: one in which woman takes control, with a mix of masculine power and feminine charm. And that is how the name of the collection “Fără gen / No gender” appeared.

How many sketches did you throw away until the collection was completed?

I wish it were just sketches. I had several trials and sketches, then I talked to my professor, Lucian Broscățean. And, after that, I knew what I had to do. I threw the entire sketchbook and I started from the beginning, with new ideas and more enthusiasm.

What was the most difficult thing?

It was a work in progress all the time: I had to modify the sketches, to change some stuff, therefore I could be more closer to the idea of the collection. Finally, I did it.

5 classical pieces that will always inspire you?

Masculine blazer, the corset, the trench, culottes and the jumper will always be my favourites.

What’s next?

Master collection, new projects and, of course, a new collection.

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liliana timis details

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Style is… attitude.
Fashion will never be… the same.
Fashion icon… Audrey Hepburn.
The most extravagant thing you wish to design… waterfall.
Who are you? In 3 words… Fighter, independent, nonconformist.

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Alina Aliman & Liliana Timiș

Photography: Francisc Sandor / Francisc Photographer


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