The magical stories of PANDORA winter collection

I tell you: there is something going on these days in the cosmic universe. The moon got bigger than ever, some astronauts left the Earth for a new cosmic mission and… PANDORA winter collection 2016 put the bets on some mystical pieces.

And the pieces are as fascinating as the stars. The silver and the crystal combo is perfect, as well as for the stars’ line on the bracelets but for the blue sky colour on the massive rings and the galactic sparkle of the earrings. My short whist list (Santa, if you read this….) will include the Starry Night Sky Murano ring, the Frost charms with blue crystals and cubic zirconia and the silver earrings with blue and white crystals.

You could find PANDORA winter collection on,

Pandora winter collection

Pandora winter collection 2016 stars

Pandora winter collection 2016 bracelet

Sometimes, you don’t need to have the promise of moon and stars. Just because you can have the celestial collection of jewellery. From PANDORA. (,