Changing the game: interview with the designer Diana Flore

Once upon a time… there was a girl who landed in Cluj just for a couple of hours (me). And a bunch a wonderful friends (Lucian Broscățean, Emil Costruț, Diana Flore) who helped her to organise, in just a couple of hours, to plan one of the coolest fashion shootings in years. I don’t think I had ever so much fun that that evening (well, none of my shootings didn’t involve so far a gas station at midnight and puff parkas at 30 degrees). Between the laughs, the excellent pasta (thanks, Didi!) and the taxi drivers horns, I managed to talked to Diana Flore, the designer behind the Chic Utility project and the beautiful new collection Digital Instigator.

Pentru versiunea în LIMBA ROMÂNĂ a interviului – AICI. 

Diana Flore Chic Utility

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Diana Flore Chic Utility

Diana Flore Chic Utility

My journey in the fashion world would started with… the persuasion work I had to have with my parents.

My latest collection is about… the DIGITAL INSTIGATOR.

Before the # (hastag) era, the woman was just a witness of fashion. We looked through the magazines, into the stores’ windows and we were pleased that we could choose anything we loved. There were other people making the fashion rules, other people were deciding what we needed to like.

Today, things are different. A picture or a cool outfit can make you a trendsetter overnight. Some people, who have never imagined that they could be part of the fashion industry, strict and restrictive for the newcomers) inspire today millions of people and dictate trends.

The Digital Instigator collection is actually a celebration to all the women that change the game’s rules, to the women that not only wear clothes, but make them to be special. The digital & social media era has created a new communication channel, one on which every Digital Instigator persona will use to change the status quo.

The collection is formed by three segments and all the clothes are meant to satisfy the women desire to look chic, but also to feel comfortable. The first segment is inspired by Studio 54 and includes evening outfits. The second segment is dedicated to active life and includes outwear chic pieces. And the last segment is for all women who don’t want to wear the classical ski costumes. The combination of silk, quilts and pearls creates perfect outfits for après-ski parties. Not to forget, one of the points of inspiration is the flamboyant and creative personality of my dearest contributor and friend, Emil Costruț.

Diana Flore Chic Utility

Diana Flore Chic Utility

My first fashion sketch (ever) was… Sailor Moon 2.0 outfit.

Old school items that will always inspire me are… the cigarette smoked in the backyard of the school, the pointed pumps, the pearls.

If my fashion mood board were a city, it would be… a combination of Tokyo and Moscow.

The best thing/pieces to follow this season will be… outwear jackets.

Diana Flore Chic Utility

Diana Flore Chic Utility

Diana Flore Chic Utility

The designer I would ask for a coffee and advice would be… Demna Gvasalia. Why? To understand how did he managed to influence the snobs to buy basic pieces at luxury prices.

The most extravagant thing I wish to design is… a man suit for my father.

We need fashion in our life because… we won’t be specials without it.

The next project will include… a special collaboration with an extreme sports outwear producer.

Diana Flore Chic Utility

Diana Flore Chic Utility

Photography: Emil Costruț. Style Designer: Flore Diana / Chic Utility.


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