The beauty (Chanel make-up) and the beast(y) light


Every winter I am dreaming of the spring. An endless one, with all the flowers in bloom and the delicate sun and the radiant glow of the air in the morning. One reminding of a holiday in Los Angeles, with its amazing architecture, multiple shades of the horizon at the sunrise and the shimmering reflections of the beautiful buildings. And because the spring cannot last forever (at least not on our latitude), I wish I have at least a make-up that could last more than a sunny day. A Chanel make-up. (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

For the make-up collection for spring 2016, L.A. Sunrise, the Chanel Makeup Creation Studio aimed to capture the flamboyant colors and overflowing energy of California mornings. Blush on the cheeks with Sunkiss Ribbon, colors on the eyes with Les 4 Ombres, bold shades of red on the lips with Rouge Coco Shine and a dark blue as the ocean with Sunrise Trip shade of nail polish. (All of them, in Chanel Beauty Space, Baneasa Shopping City,,

As for me, this spring will look alike a Chanel make-up with a blue smoky eyes from Les 4 Ombres, a winde dark red of Rouge Coco Shine and (of course), with a Sunrise Trip shade on my nails. Spring, here I come!

Chanel Cube 1

Chanel Cube 2

Chanel Cube 3

Chanel Cube 4

Chanel Cube 5

Chanel Cube 6

Chanel Cube 7

Photography: (c) Chanel


Nordic light: the Spring/Summer collection by Saara Lepokorpi