BBF collection from Pandora

Remember those half-hearted necklaces that everybody wore as a teenager? Well, the BFF (best friend forever) trend is not over yet. In the new Pre-Fall Pandora collection, the charms and pendants have symbols that emphasis the idea of friendship forever and ever. We could choose from silver hearts with pink enamel charms (engraved with Best Friends or Always There), the Friendship&Love charm, with pink zirconium and silver or (surprise!) even the two-hearts pendant which we could share with the best friend. There’s also a new clip, featuring a heart & infinity symbol, and a new button-style friendship charm. (CLICK on the gallery above, for more pictures)

The BFF pendants and charms could be found on, 

For the second part of the collection we have a set of new Zodiac charms for the Moments range. These are modelled on the same design as the Vintage Letter charms from the Spring 2016 collection, in plain silver (,