5 the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife

I truly think there is nothing wrong with me if I want to spend my entire life on the beach. To read, to ride, to write some stories even. Therefore, from my trip in Tenerife, what else do you expect from me other than a feed full of waves and memories only about the most beautiful beaches? Plus: some banana fields to go with it. But that’s another story to tell. Here they are: the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife.

First: Playa El Bollullo.

Is located in a secluded bay four kilometres east of Puerto de la Cruz in northern Tenerife, not very easy to access – but that makes it more interesting, because is not so crowded as others. It is a perfect place for surfers (I saw a lot of beginners, trying to catch the best waves). It takes a lot to get down on the stairs, a lot to get up to the parking space. There is a little bar on the beach – coffee and water, no sunbeds or umbrellas. 

Second: Playa del Socorro.

This beach is in the vicinity of Los Realejos, Tenerife. The sand has a blackish grey hue and it is perfect for a sunny morning. Also, this is a good place for surfers, even less rocky than El Bollullo. The bonus here: until you get to the beach (yes, a little cardio on the road from the place you leave the car is recommended) the road is full of banana fields. Awesome, I tell you! 

The third: Playa del Médano.

Actually, the whole Médano little village was one of my favourite places in Tenerife. Long sandy beaches (with Montaña Roja on the back), wind, surfers and a lot of kiters, little beach cafes with the most delicious cakes (Café el Médano is one of them), narrow streets with a lot of cute restaurants and sport stores, cool people everywhere and a zen vibe as I have never seen before.

The forth: Playa de Abama.

It is a secluded and pristine beach at the Ritz Carlton Abama Hotel in Tenerife. Attention: there are no sunbeds for the outside of hotel guests, but there are places on public beach to sit on your own. The trip from where you leave your car (not so many parking sports around) and until you get to the beach is quite long and imply so many stairs! On the other hand, the view worths the effort and the restaurant down there is quite good. Not to mention the beautiful gardens you have to pass through. 

The fifth: Punta de Teno.

Actually is the Tenerife’s westernmost point and part of a protected area: Teno Rural Park (Parque Rural Teno). You can get inside the reservation with your car only until before 10 a.m. and after 7 p.m. (otherwise, you should take a bus from a village near by). Therefore, be ready for a day in the reservation (you may stay overnight if you want). But the landscape is spectacular and the sunrise here is amazing. And not a sound around. 

P.S. – If you are looking for a music kind of beach – try Playa de las Américas. Or Playa del Duque. Also, on the shore, easy accessible – Playa San Juan, situated in the charming fishing village of San Juan & the beach next to Los Gigantes. 

Playa del Duque
Los Gigantes
Playa San Juan

Photography: www.dreamingof.net 


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