23 questions for a 2023 UAD young designer: meet Klaudia Melinda Nagy

Do not complicate things! Minimalist things have depth. This was the message of Klaudia Melinda Nagy – Complicated Simplicity – collection presented at UADFashion 2023. And yet, the simplicity of her pieces is not so simple – the pattern of the fabric was entirely saw, one line after the other, by Klaudia. The pleats of the coats are anything by minimalist. And will always see some kind of special effects in her future collections, says Klaudia. Meet the young designer, graduate of UADFashion 2023, Klaudia Melinda Nagy and her Complicated Simplicity. 

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You can find Klaudia Melinda Nagy – on Instagram (wanderer_on_the_earth) and on Facebook – Klaudia Nagy
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Your collection (name) for UAD Fashion 2023 was inspired by… 
My collection Complicated simplicity for UAD Fashion 2023 was inspired by the connection between minimalism and complication. The subject and the concept come from the idea of too much thinking about things, a kind of “overthinking”, which influences decisions in everyday life and generates an unnecessary tension. Minimalist things have depth, and maybe that explains why they seem more complicated than they are and they contain a sophistication that is hard for human nature to accept, which is why humans tend to complicate everything. Simplicity or minimalism is the opposite of complexity or complication. It means that a single thing is sufficient and does not need to be expanded or added to. In spite of this we feel the need to muddle things up, and we see them more complex than they really are. In the context of this research, we meet the character of overworked people, whose schedule is full of unnecessary things, the important ones being neglected. The main problem is complicating simple things due to overcrowding.

You choose those fabrics because…
When I chose the fabric, it was important for me to express the concept. As a result of research and experimentation with materials, I decided to use embroidery because it has a special effect in itself. The respective embroidery is parallel to each other, but the pattern is a stitch line that forms uniform curves. This pattern has no meaning or symbolism, but I interpret in the collection as the tangles of the straight line. 

The hardest part in the process was…

The hardest part of the process was the implementation. Preparing the material took a lot of time and was very tiring. I tried to make the embroidery lines as parallel and proportional as possible. During this process I had to hold on and just think about the final result.

Your first love encounter with the fashion world was…

When I was in middle school, my parents made me take private drawing lessons to develop this skill. One time, my teacher gave me an assignment to draw clothes instead of traditional still life. He said that it is a very nice field. Meanwhile, in the background, we were listening to an interview on the radio as a fashion designer talked about his work. Then we started talking more about me going in that direction. He said that maybe in 20 years he would hear me giving interviews about my works. 

The 3 most important encounters in your life from a fashion designer perspective were…

The main encounters in my life in terms of fashion design were mainly interviews I listened to on TV, radio and later on YouTube. In all three cases, I was strongly motivated to seriously start studying and working in this field and building a career. The designers who were interviewed spoke with passion and satisfaction about their work. The idea of designing clothes was growing in me. I understood that clothing is more than a function and that, like any art form, it is inexhaustible because there is always the possibility of creating something new.

The most important lesson that you have learnt in school years at UAD was…

One of the most important lessons I learned at UAD is that hard work and perseverance always pay off. In general, creative work takes time, and when more than one subject is piling up, it’s a challenge. In every challenge especially with assignments, I stepped out of my comfort zone. My perspective has broadened. Personally, I have grown a lot over the years in this school.

The piece that will always be in your future collections will be…

One piece that will always be in my future collection is drawstring dress that pulls the fabric together and create a special effect. Of course, I won’t give up on folds of fabric either. These are elements that people like to look at or to wear.

The trend that you hate (now and ever) is…

I’ve never liked kitschy things hence I don’t want to create anything like it.

What is next for you?

For the future, I want to continue what I have started. I definitely want to work in the fashion industry, as a designer and even as an executive. I want to have my own trend that is popular and that people like to wear. It would make me happy to see people wearing the clothes I design. That would be satisfying for me. I am open to many things.

We can find you on…

You can find me – on Instagram (wanderer_on_the_earth) and on Facebook – Klaudia Nagy

  • Music: Rend Collective – DEFIANT
  • Movie: Everything from Jane Austen
  • City: Cluj-Napoca
  • Food: Pizza
  • Season: Spring
  • Painting: Caravaggio
  • Object design: Bauhaus
  • School: Study
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Fabric: Possibilities
  • Fashion: Max Mara
  • Cluj: Relations 
  • UAD 2023: Great season

Photography: Raluca Ciornea @ralucaciornea for www.dreamingof.net

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