10 hidden secrets of Barcelona

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Barcelona. We had our fights, our mistakes, our slepless nights and best (ever) parties. But it’s getting more towards love, lately. And that’s probably that I have discovered that, beside noisy La Rambla, very expensive and crowded Mercado de la Boqueria and Barca football fans, Barcelona is a beautiful city. And I fell in love with artsy facades of Eixample buildings, with its narrow and charming streets with design boutiques and its green surroundings. And every time I go I discover new pieces to put in my Barcelona puzzle. Here are 10 reasons to go back to Barcelona..
It has a sea. A port. Yachts, boats, sand… And Barceloneta beach. And it’s sunny and almost warm the entire year. Should I hope for more? A secret (tested): the best spot to see all the beach, the best place for the most amazing cocktails (and handsome bartenders) is Eclipse Bar, at W Hotel (www.whotels.com)


It has Gaudí. And all his incredible works, from Sagrada Familia to Parc Güell. If I should choose just one, my pick will be, for sure, Casa Battló (www.casabatllo.es). The secret: schedule the visit in the afternoon, the light is fantastic! Could I live in that living room forever?


Every corner I can find a new place to eat something unbelievable good. I tell you, one of the best kept secrets is Mercat Princesa. Forget La Boqueria! This is the most friendly and cosy market you could eat in: tapas, wine, jamón, even dished based only on fresh eggs (www.mercatprincesa.com).


And because I have strated with culinary secrets, here is another one: close to the city center there is a vegetarian heaven! Yep, I am not kidding: Flax & Kale is that restaurant where I can go every day and not get bored. Fresh and delicious dishes, raw cakes, fresh pressed juices… (https://www.facebook.com/flaxandkale/)


OK, one more: do you know about the Spanish tapas? Of course. But the best ones? I think they are, all, on Carrer de Blai, a street with dozen of tapas bars. I got a plate and I could choose any tapas I wanted (1,50-2,50 euros).


Barcelona has Montjuic Park. And even I was tempted to say that I saw it already, every time I discover some fascinating corners. This time, the best instagram (secret) pictures were taken in Greek Theatre and in the interior garden of La Font del Gat.


From La Rambla I took a right and a left and… I felt like I entered a different dimension in terms of time and space. The touristic noise was replaced by a faded music and the lights, the wild orange trees and the calm of the huge but friendly buildings completed the picture. The secret place to go? The garden of Bibiloteca de Catalunya (www.bnc.cat)


Maybe this one is not quite a secret, but I was amazed how many rent-a-bikes are now in this enormous city. And how cool are the bicycle stores!


Secret revealed: the artist are literally on every corner. As I love street art, I couldn’t miss the chance to see artists in action. Near by Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies.


And last, but not least, Barcelona has a lot of beautiful streets and charming corners where I can get lost for hours. Until the next visit, adiós!


Photo: dreamingof.net