One for me, one for you: 6 designers to see at Made in Ro #14

It’s almost December and the gift’ seasons has started! Therefore, what better way to give joy to anybody than to make a 100% Romanian gift? For Made in Ro #14 edition, I put on my list 6 designers – deco & fashion. 

Made in Ro #14 will take place at… Impact Hub, Bucharest (Splaiul Unirii 165, Timpuri Noi Square, Cladirea 2, etajul 1), 23-24 November 2019, organised by
More than 110 designers, #MadeinRo, #FashionQuartier #FoodQuartier sections, and a lot of workshops. 

I have decided that year’s December to be a little be about me, a little bit about… my home. Therefore, I have tried to make an impartial distribution :). These are the things I put on my wish list already.

For me –  a cool black top from MAAM with love, from Perspective collection. “It’s about thinking upside down, different, out of the box – you name it! To look at things from another perspective”, the designer said. The pieces are made to be individualised by belts, pockets, interesting layering and they are pretty versatile.

For my home – a lightning object from GLŌM. Love them! They captured the spirit of the free and unspoiled Romanian woods. “The dream was to create magic lamps out of wood, branches and roots, found through the wilderness, around my journeys and explorations and bring them into a new light”, said the designer, Mircea Struțeanu. 

For me – a piece from UTOPIC by Mona Vulpoiu collection.”Nothing ever disappears – it changes into something else”, she said. “Everything around us is an after-form of something that came before. The impossibility of catching the passing beauty of a moment should make us determined to embrace the everlasting metamorphosis of nature.”. Check out the beautiful rings from her collection.

For my home – another beautiful project based on natural material – Automatonia. This combined the wood sculpture with some mechanical elements, in some very interesting home deco objects. Like some… “mechanical jokes”, as Petre Staicu, the designer, said –

For me – I put on my wish list some amazing earrings from Ousiai Jewellery@ousiai_jewellery. The “usia: word means substance or essence, therefore the accessories are reduced to their essence, the lines only suggesting the shape, and all the unnecessary decorations are removed. 

For my home – something from Garajul Galben (The Yellow Garage). Two formers Architecture students started this interesting project – small pieces of furniture, unique, funny and provocative. Facebook –

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