The book of the famous denim – 5D: Diesel Dream Disruption Deviation Denim

An entire history of over 40 years in fashion industry. A unique book for fashion lovers which investigates Diesel’s journey through denim, highlighting the innovations that took the denim world by storm and the aesthetic relevance of the pieces today. This is the book of the famous denim – 5D: Diesel Dream Disruption Deviation Denim.

5D: Diesel Dream Disruption Deviation Denim published by Rizzoli.
248 pages – edited by fashion writer Susie Lau.
The book is available on Diesel store in Băneasa Shopping City. 

From its beginning, in 1978 and until now, Diesel is a name that we all know and a brand that we all love. As bold and progressive as in its beginnings, Diesel had, over the years, the same rebel spirit in all its campaign and products. 

This volume is not an academic study, nor is it a chronological retelling of Diesel’s history in denim. It is about Diesel’s denim universe. New images shot by four different photographers are interspersed with archival visual material (and imagine that only in Breganze, Italy, there are more than 175.000 pieces!), campaigns, and editorials.

In addition to shooting and the archives, the volume also looks at the present, on how the denim permeates and punctuates Diesel’s world today, concluding with the exciting output from Diesel Red Tag as more and more collaborators (Shayne Oliver, Glenn Martens, and more to come) are added to the fold.

/ˈdiːz(ə)l/ — noun — An internal combustion engine in which heat produced by the compression of air in the cylinder is used to ignite the fuel. 

“a diesel locomotive” 

At the time of Diesel’s initial inception in 1978, this new energy source was symbolic for opportunity. You could go further but at a slower pace. You could be in it for the long haul. Fast forward four decades later, and the context around the word has changed but its meaning still resonates. A fuel for life that would enable Renzo to navigate an alter- native (and denim-paved) path through the fashion world. 

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