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Magical journeys with Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2019 

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UFO-inspired bags (did NASA know anything about it?), some exotic skin stiletto booties that will be gone from the shelves in seconds, very thin metallic belts, shorts and minis, romantic blouses with flowing sleeves – these were the main lines of Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2019 collection. A collection inspired, as always from LV heritage, by travels. In time, space or only in our imagination.

Louis Vuitton spring/summer 2019 collection will be available on www.louisvuitton.com

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The catwalk was, this time, a light, semi-transparent, illuminated promenade that had been erected in the exterior courtyard of Paris’s most famous museum, Louvre, with its shimmering pools of water at the centre of the space. And that is mainly because the designer, Nicolas Ghesquière wanted to create a contradiction between the space-age setup and the old museum – “I am interested in the edge between the virtual reality we experience through our social media streams and real life”, he said to the press. And the contradictions continued between the fabrics like rubber and space suit sleeves and dresses in sequins, with such a feminine silhouette.

louis vuitton ss19

“This absolute voyager conveys a world she has made her own. The Louis Vuitton House crosses and blends territories, creating an illusion of ideal geography.  There arises the matter of mirages, fantastical shores that become precious memories for every traveller. Mirage, from the Latin ‘mirare’, means ‘seeing with astonishment’: isn’t that fashion’s essential mission?”, says the official statement of the house.

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Photography: (C) www.louisvuitton.com


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