Life in watercolors

Even if he prepared to be an architect, the passion for watercolors and beautiful cities came, eventually, first. With a couple of new exhibitions ongoing and few artworks sold already at auctions (at AraArt Gallery and Auction House), Marius Buruiană is a name we may follow in art galleries. Next to his light filled paintings we talked about dreams, challenges and the next projects of an artist.

Marius Buruiană "Strada umbrelor și a florilor"

Marius Buruiană “Strada umbrelor și a florilor”

Architect or painter?
I wanted to be an architect, I studied hard and I had a very talented and special tutor. I graduated from Architecture, I made some projects and I returned to my first love in 2014. I can say that I am an architect, I try to become a painter.
Do you remember your first drawing?
Yes. I started to paint when I was in college; that was the moment when I framed my first work. But I have started to draw things in high school; I remember that I painted one wall of my room, just to have my parents’ approval to draw all the other walls. There were two dolphins and they even “survived” the wallpaper. My parents were very supportive, even when I decorated a lot of desks in high school classes while my dad was the principal…. My first paintings in a gallery were in Ploiești.
Why did you choose watercolors? Why urban scenes?
I worked a lot with oils, acrylics, pastels and spray paint, but I feel like watercolors are right for me now. I have moods; like somebody else could feel in the mood for a certain perfume or an outfit one day, I am in the mood for watercolors. I prefer urban scenes over landscapes. In my real life, I enjoy the silence and quiet spaces; for my work I look for people and buildings, busy streets, architectural sites.
Your “dream city”? That one that you want to put in a painting?
A city could be ugly or boring… but if it has people on its streets it is alive and to dream of. If there is a coffee shop or a terrace… it is even better. Even in the real life I don’t like the crowded cities and the hectic streets, for my paintings I like the streets, the buildings, the shadows, the people…
A moment to remember?
That one when I had to paint Simona Halep portrait. I also did Ilie Năstase’s portrait. I used graphic technique, pencil on thin cardboard. I made them just one night before the official event in Busteni and I was a little bit nervous. It was an honor to meet those people.
Records: the fastest work and the longest one…
It depends: a sketch can be ready in 10 minutes, a watercolor painting… in like an hour or more. I had some works that lasted for 3 years (in acrylics and oils on canvas); it depends on the mood and inspiration. I have some unfinished works; it isn’t their “time” yet.
If they were music, your paintings will be…
French music, the old style one. But every works requires a different melody.
If you can buy any painting in the world, it would be…
One of the impressionists or a Alvaro Castagnet work. They will make me happy and dreamy.
It is possible to make a living from art, nowadays? Anybody can paint. But when your work is categorized as art, then you could say it is possible to make it. I managed to sell some paintings in AraArt auctions ( For example, in 2015, „Drumul spre niciunde” (The way to nowhere) was sold for 500 euro, „Strada umbrelor și a florilor” (Shadows and flowers street) was sold at 800 euro and „Oameni și umbre” (People and shadows) – pictured above – was sold at auction for 380 de euro.
How did you choose to collaborate with AraArt?
At first, I tried to get in contact with 3-4 auction houses in Bucharest, but I was a little bit disappointed back then; I should have been dead or famous already to fit in their auctions. Fortunately, I get in touch with AraArt, I have presented them 10 works. Adriana Zeck chose two of them and I felt very proud. And that the story begun.
Your next exhibition will be…
Now I have one at Phoenicia Grand Hotel in Bucharest and the next one will be at Rin Grand Hotel, in October 2015.

Marius Buruiană

Marius Buruiană

Marius Buruiană - Drumul spre niciunde

Marius Buruiană – Drumul spre niciunde

Marius Buruiană "Oameni și umbre"

Marius Buruiană “Oameni și umbre”

Photo: Marius Buruiană