The 4 streetstyle trends seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022

No matter how bad was the weather or how cold was the wind – in Copenhagen, one fashion week took the city by storm. Green and fuchsia, some oversized puffers and, of course, neutrals: these were, for short, the main trends among the Danish fashionista. Plus a lot of weird head accessories and tiny bags. These are streetstyle trends seen at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2022. 

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When we say Denmark, we say hygge. Or Noma. Or some clean cuts in neutral colours, if we talk about fashion. This year, the long waited fashion Week brought a lot of colours in Danish capital. We saw on catwalks forward-thinking, sustainable, made-to-be-worn designs that bridge the gap between runway and streetwear. And if you want to see more of these, click on to see the emerging talents. On the other hand, in the street, the talent of mixing and waring cool pieces was largely displayed. Take a look at these pictures (54, to be precise) and get inspired. 

First trend: a lot of GREEN pieces and FUCHSIA accents, everywhere, from shoes to huge scarves, from sweaters to coats and bags. Sometimes, in a full colour block outfit. Wanna try? 

The second trend: OVERSIZED jackets and coats, like the North Pole would move here soon. 🙂 My favourites? The oversized puffy pink pants and the mix of bold colours, all in once outfit. 

The third trend: NEUTRALS. Of course, because Copenhagen is a Nordic country, therefore beige, white, black, grey and a touch of dusted blue are the most common choices. I just loved the coats! 

The fourth trend: the ACCESSORIES. I have never imagined that I could see so many funny hats and headpieces in one week. Add to that the tiniest bags in town, colourful socks, umbrellas and weird heels and the picture is complete.  

Photography: (c) courtesy of Copenhagen Fashion Week.