A cruise to Rio: Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 collection

Bold colours, sporty looks, cropped silhouettes and an army of supermodels and celebrities in a beautiful architectural spot: these were, for short, the main highlights of the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 collection presented in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, at the Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum, designed and constructed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer in 1996.

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2017 collection could be found on www.louisvuitton.com. 

Brazilian idealism and Rio de Janeiro were the starting point for Cruise 2017. The collection captures the country’s vitality, energy, multi- culturalism, freedom, urban futurism and romanticism — all the dynamic feeling the city inspires.

The show started with Mica Arganaraz, in a red, white, blue, and yellow maxi dress with a panel skirt and scuba-like detailing on the bodice. Followed by dresses with a streamlined spirit illustrate a new aerodynamic silhouette, slashed stripes on trousers that lengthen the body, luxuriously embroidered skirts wrapped in the manner of a beach towel, skinny shinny scarfs and tech-thongs and neoprene sneakers.

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The 2017 Cruise collection also pays homage to two major Brazilian artists: Helio Oiticica (a pioneer of the Neo-Concrete movement and an explorer of space through painting) and Aldemir Martins (an artist renowned for his paintings of ora and fauna, represented the vibrancy of his native region, the Nordeste).

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“I so admire the power of Oscar Niemeyer’s conviction. His vision, his utopia even. Being able to show a fashion collection in such an architecturally powerful space is a sensorial experience. For me, the main question was how to incorporate into my collection all these elements that are part of Brazilian culture, without forgetting that I am just a visitor who brings his own Parisian and French cultural references to the moment”, Nicolas Ghesquière said.

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Photography Art Direction by Karim Sadli / www.louisvuitton.com 


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