The wish list: 5 fashion books I want on my table

When I was a kid, I thought I will grow up and live in a library. Is no wonder that my books peacefully share the dressing with my clothes. Two obsessions in one place. Like these 5 fashion books, ready to hit the shelves in 2017, just perfect to put on the wish list.

“Peter Lindbergh: A Different Vision on Fashion Photography” (photo up) is the book I cannot wait to see it on my coffee table. Maybe I won’t make it to see the exhibition from Kunsthall, Rotterdam (read here the details) but for sure I will stock the online books’ sites to order it. The book, published by Taschen, hasmore than 400 images captured by the photographer Peter Lindbergh. There is commentary throughout from friends and colleagues like Cindy Crawford, Anna Wintour, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

Vogue Colors A to Z: a Fashion Coloring Book

Let’s go kid again! With the new book, “Vogue Colors A to Z: a Fashion Coloring Book” I could do it in the most fashionable way ever imagined. Really, to re-do the colors of Vogue covers from 1912 to 1932? Cannot imagine something funnier.

Loewe: Past, Present, Future

“Loewe: Past, Present, Future”. I’ve always loved the simplicity, the elegance and the beautiful cuts of Loewe products (secretly I lust for a Loewe orange bag). And I have admired the history of the fashion house. Self-published by Loewe, the book “Loewe: Past, Present, Future”, launched at the exhibition with the same name in Madrid, visually explores the Spanish house’s 170-year history and its recent Jonathan Anderson.

Couture Confessions: Fashion Legends in Their Own Words

If a time machine could be invented, I would use it to go back in time, to party at Marrakesh villa of Yves Saint Laurent, to see the studio of Alexander McQueen, to have some ta with Madeleine Vionnet. But it isn’t possible, not just yet, therefore I will settle for a a peak inside the glamorous yet terrible world of fashion in “Couture Confessions: Fashion Legends in Their Own Words” by Pamela Golbin book. Golbin, the chief curator of 20th-century fashion and textiles at Paris’s Musée des Arts Décoratifs (see here the news about the recent exhibitions in the museum), compiled quotes and personal essays from legendary designers like Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Madeleine Vionnet, and many more.

Gucci: Blind for Love

Is nice to see the runway from the front row. But it is even nicer to go backstage. And that is the book on my list would do. “Gucci: Blind for Love”, recently published by Assouline, this 224-page tome is being released in a limited edition of 2,000 and features backstage photographs by Nick Waplington of the Gucci Cruise 2017 show at Westminster Abbey.

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Photography: Facebook pages of the brands


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