The photographer Sonia Sieff: “Nudity is the nicest piece of clothing.”

Like father, like daughter, somebody may say, at a first glance. But it is more than that. Sonia Sieff (yes, she is the daughter of the legend Jeanloup Sieff) said she wanted to be a writer. And, for me, she is, in a way: in every amazing photo she takes, with every face she focuses with the camera, she tells the stories of wonderful women, undressed of clothes and… secrets. (Photo up: Sonia Sieff, Sur les toits de l´Opéra, Paris 2014, copyright Sonia Sieff/courtesy IMMAGIS)

(Read below the interview with the talented photographer.)

This month, Sonia Sieff series of work called “Les Françaises” (the book was launched last year) could be seen in Munich, at IMMAGIS gallery. Sonia Sieff invited both famous and lesser-known French women to pose before her camera, comprises 155 photographs that serve as the basis for this solo exhibition.

Sonia Sieff_Pompon_Paris 2015_copyright Sonia Sieff_courtesy IMMAGIS

Sonia Sieff, Pompon, Paris 2015, copyright Sonia Sieff/courtesy IMMAGIS

  • “Les Françaises” – the exhibition of native Parisian photographer Sonia Sieff (*1979) can be seen at the Munich gallery IMMAGIS, between 9 March – 7 April 2018. 
  • IMMAGIS is in the Museum Quarter of Munich,

Her sensitive, discreet, and almost androgynous approach to nude photography is revealed in a selection of some 35 images, set in opulent hotel sceneries à la Bettina Reims, amidst refined architecture in daring outdoor shots, or in titillating detail shots. Why undressing French woman? Which words describe best these women? What’s next for Sonia Sieff?

Sonia Sieff_Monuments_Paris 2014_copyright Sonia Sieff_courtesy IMMAGIS

Sonia Sieff, Monuments, Paris 2014, copyright Sonia Sieff/courtesy IMMAGIS

Sonia Sieff_Decoupage_Paris 2015_copyright Sonia Sieff_courtesy IMMAGIS

Sonia Sieff, Decoupage, Paris 2015, copyright Sonia Sieff/courtesy IMMAGIS

Undressing French women because…
Nudity is the nicest piece of clothing.

The most difficult scene to photograph was…
For the book none. As a photographer shooting the Franco family for el Mundo.

Your first coup de foudre with photography was…
As a teenager in summer camp. I pushed the door of our bathroom and our first lingerie was shining in the sun.

In 3 words, the women you have captured in your Les Francaises photos are…
Indépendant. Beautiful. Inspiring.

Like father like daughter (in terms of photography and your work): true or false?
You mean how similar we are my father and I ? I believe we both love and respect women even if I don’t desire them. He loved black&white and I also colour. We both are inspired by cinema.

The next serie of photography (the next book) you have in mind is…
My initial idea was to shoot men. Not only French men. I also want to work on a travel book on landscapes.

Sonia Sieff

Sonia Sieff

Photography: copyright Sonia Sieff / courtesy of IMMAGIS


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