On the silk road: Silkdom bags story 

There is so much magic and there is so much mystery in a piece of silk, so many amazing stories are hidden in a bag that even a few volumes of “1001 nights” would not be enough. The Silkdom story began with a grandmother who, like anybody else, wore silk dresses, but also with a piece of fabric transformed, by a passionate designer, in the most beautiful clutch ever. Mădălina Nistor, the designer behind the Silkdom brand, says she fell in love with silk when she was still a child. And that she loves to give an individuality to every piece that comes out of her hands, whether it’s a clutch, new envelope bags, bracelets, or adorable silk ballerina necklaces.

Silkdom pieces (clutches, bags, necklaces with little ballerinas, bracelets) could be found on: www.silkdom.com & MoleculeF Concept Store (www.molecule-f.com).

clutches silkdom


Silk because…

It reminds me of my gorgeous grandmother. It is part of who I am.

Your best moment in Silkdom brand history is…

The first 14 days after launching www.silkdom.com. The entire clutch collection – 20 pieces – was sold out before the sunset of the 14th day.

Your moodboard will always have…

Sun, silk, sea, a Queen’s crown. And a Bengal cat. I think the brand’s next foto session will explore that path.


silkdom silk clutch

The icon piece that will always be in your collections…

The black baguette silk clutch with of without embellishments.

Your favorite period in fashion history is…

… the 30s with the seductive lines, make-up, lavish fabrics. Women were queens of the streets, queens of their homes and queens for their men. Tall and slender silhouettes, slim waists, narrow skirts, corsets, silk, Chanel, fur, gloves matching with the bag and shoes… I just love it!

If your bags could tell a love story, this would be…

The passionate, hauntingly beautiful, immortal story of Paris and Helena.

silkdom necklace clutch

silkdom colour clutches

How many bags do you have in your wardrobe?

One for each of my birthdays. But I seldom change my bag to go with my outfit. Right now I made I crush for a black classic. And I do not care if it goes with my jeans! I wear it. Period.

The most extravagant thing you wish to design is…

A clutch with a gold frame, fur and diamonds.

What is next for Silkdom?

International stardom, I hope. Actually I am working to make it happen.

silkdom clutches


Alina Aliman & Mădălina Nistor

Photography: Daniel Păduraru


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