Breakfast at Tiffany’s & brunch at Gucci: top 7 the coolest fashion restaurants

In an ideal world of a fashionista, the breakfast would be served at Tiffanys, the lunch would be perfect at Gucci, the afternoon tea could be enjoyed at Burberry and the dinner at Ralph Lauren. With an aperitivo at Fondazione Prada, a brunch on Sundays at Armani Cafe and some weekend escapades at Dior Cafe in St. Tropez, on top. Well, it seems like now the whole scenario is very possible. And waiting for everybody to try. Here is top 7 the coolest fashion restaurants.

Tiffany Blue Box Café, New York

A breakfast at Tiffany’s has a new meaning. It’s not about a coffee and a croissant in front of the window anymore. And that’s because Tiffany & Co. opened a Blue Box Café in its NYC flagship. The restaurant, all decorated in signature colour of the house, blue turquoise, with a view of Central Park, is situated at the building’s fourth floor, which also houses the brand’s new luxury home and accessories collection and vintage books. The Blue Box Café offers a menu that will change each season (breakfast starts from $29).

tiffany blue box caffee

Armani Ristorante, New York

Of course the best pasta will be found in an Italian restaurant. On 5th Avenue, New York, Armani Ristorante is open for an incredible experience. Decorated mostly in black with touches of red and with curvy, theatrically lit booths, the restaurant offers a menu including roast duck with sour cherries, risotto with saffron, lasagnetta, burrata, tartare and, of course, some chocolate (dishes from $25).

armani ristorante

armani restaurant new york

Thomas’s Café at Burberry, London  

In London, when it’s 5 o clock, it’s tea time. And there is no better place to taste it than the new Thomas’s Café at Burberry. Would you fancy some British traditional? Some… fish and chips? Check Burberry, 5 Vigo Street, London. (A tasting menu starts from £35)

burberry cafe london


Ralph Lauren Coffee & Bar, London 

This is not the first, and for sure not the last restaurant opened by the giant Ralph Lauren. In London, Mayfair this time (after New York, Chicago and Paris locations), the concept bar will serve a selection of coffee and espresso drinks, classic cocktails and some light food (how about margarita, fried olives, oysters, avocado toast?). The coffee will be a custom blend, roasted specifically for Ralph Lauren using organically grown beans crafted by La Colombe (£15 the salad, £3 the coffee).

ralph lauren restaurant

ralph lauren fashio restaurant

Gucci Osteria, Florence

The best pasta must be eaten in Italy. Therefore, it’s time to go lunch at Gucci Garden, the brand’s latest concept store in Florence (at Gucci Museo, which opened in 2011 at the ancient Palazzo della Mercanzia). On the ground floor, where chef Massimo Bottura has been charged with opening an intimate (50-seat) restaurant, the Gucci Osteria. The Osteria serves iconic Italian dishes as well as contemporary twists (Parmigiano Reggiano tortellini, pork buns, mushroom risotto). (main dishes – $24-$36 each

Dior Café, St.Tropez 

The must-try sweet when in St.Tropez is, of course, a Tropezienne tart. The best one (and the most fashionable one) is on the menu of Dior Café. Dior des Lices is like a little garden within the busy little town and it’s spectacular in the evening. Try the salads, lobster with crunchy vegetables or linguini (all dishes signed by Yannick Alléno, the Michelin three-star chef) and, of course, a dessert. (prices from $15-$20)

dior st tropez cafe

dior st tropez

Bar Luce, Fondazione Prada, Milan 

The devil wears or even eats at Prada? Designed by film director Wes Anderson, Bar Luce recreates the atmosphere of a typical Milanese cafè. Some architectural and decorative details from the original structure have been preserved and the range of colours are reminiscent of Italian popular culture and aesthetics from the 1950s and 1960s. In menu we could find various types of meat and fish and delicious sandwiches (from €7). Plus a perfect espresso (€1.10).

bar luce fondazione prada

Photography: location archive


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