500 Days of Beauty Summer

If I could (ever) be able to travel in time, I would certainly do some things different. And I am not talking about decisions in life in general (I probably do the same mistakes, over and over again). But for sure I wish I took more care of my skin and hair when I was 18… Punk hairstyle? A lot of wax, dyed hair, sun exposure all day long without any SPF? Permanent curls, sleepy night with the mascara on? I was there.

Well, I cannot travel back in time to fix my beauty mistakes, but for sure I can try not to make new ones. Therefore, my shopping plan for this summer is already set: a higher SPF sunscreen, less hair stress and some perfect products to take in my luggage.

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First, the cream. Lierac Exclusive Premium Ex Day & Night Voluptuous Cream, the decisive treatment for beautiful, refined skin. This cream blends the wrinkle-fighting action of hyaluronic acid solution and 5% B-Relaxor Complex with the exceptional extravagance of black flower extracts (black rose, black orchid and black poppy oil) for potent nutritive and antioxidant benefits. This luxurious, nourishing cream will reveal (keep my finger crossed!), along with Lierac Exclusive Premium Mask, a gorgeous, luminous complexion, like my years of beauty excesses would have never existed. (www.helpnet.ro and www.farmaciaonline.ro)

Secondly, the hair product. And I would say only: Phyto Phytologist 15, a product that gives a 99% natural formula that stimulates hairgrowth, strengthens existing hair and brings back that full bodied glossy hair. Using plant extracts is what Phyto is all about and their latest creation is brimming with actives like cacao extracts, which fight against micro-irritations of the scalp; Baikal skullcap, which works to generate thicker hair; Indian Gentian, which activates growth and favours the development of new hair; and Vegetable Stem Cells, which protects the scalp from external aggressors. (www.helpnet.ro)

The last, but not the least, I know what should I pack: a lot of good mood and a zen attitude. Summer is at the corner…

Photography: www.dreamingof.net


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