5 things to do in a short break in Pescara, Italy

At first, I thought that planning a trip to Pescara was a mistake. I couldn’t find (almost) anything about the city, the places I should visit or the restaurants I could eat. But the reality was nicer than I expected: Pescara and its surroundings worth paying a visit. At least for a long weekend.

port yachts pescara

What to see, what to eat, what’s going around this beautiful little Italian village? Well, there are some tips & tricks.

First of all, it’s good to know that the airport is close, the road are quite empty and you could find a parking sport for 5 euros per day. And that’s wonderful! Then, the accommodation isn’t so expensive here – you could find a decent B&B for 60-70 euro per day in the city and some 5 stars hotels (over 100 euro per night) in the quiet cities of Abruzzo (Sextantio Albergo Diffuso – https://www.mrandmrssmith.com/destinations/italy/abruzzo/hotels).

What to see in the city of Pescara? Take a stroll over Ponte del Mare, the pedestrian bridge over the Pescara River. Once you cross it, head it towards the yacht port, where the beauties of the sea are lined up. For me, a walk next to the boats and sea is more relaxing than a yoga session. Do not miss La Fontana Nave di Cascella, an interesting fountain that looks like more as a contemporary work of art. And try a visit at Aurum, the art museum.  

La Fontana Nave di Cascella

ponte del mare

Ideas for the second day in the area? Take the car and venture to the far away up in the clouds little villages from Abruzzo. In a few words, Abruzzo has it all. Wonderful lakes, the Adriatic coastline, uncontaminated parks, breathtaking mountain ranges, magical medieval towns, all varieties of nature, climate and landscapes. Three villages in a day were more that enough, so that I could enjoy the incredible view, the silence of the picturesque hills and the excellent food. Santo Stefano di Sessanio is a beautiful quiet little village with incredible corners and hidden places. The second visit: Atri. Immerse yourself in the quiet corridors of Atri cathedral, Palazzo dei Duchi d’acquaviva, Municipal Theater, S.Francesco Church, on the long corridors of Capitular Museum. The last step, just in time for dinner (chitarra pasta and gelato, what else?!) would be Città Sant’Angelo: so so beautiful!

abruzzo landscape

abruzzo atri

Reserve a day for the beach. At least I would do that in any destination on the seaside. In Pescara, the beach is long and wide, the landscape is amazing and  the zen mood guaranteede.

pescara beach

There is nothing better and more vivid and exiting than discovering a city on foot, street by street, shop by shop, little window after another. The old city centre of Pescara has all: little galleries, shops where you could find the most amazing bargains, bookstores and so on.

pescara city

And because no trip to bella Italia is complete without food & coffee, I would say just that: arrosticini, pizza, pasta & espresso. The most tried: Fattoria Toccaferro http://fattoriatoccaferro.it), Aqua Marina (https://www.facebook.com/acquamarinapescara/),  the stands for the local market. But also every little coffee shop in town (I think I cannot be wrong with any of them, if there is time for a real espresso) and a lot of gelato stands.

pescara food

Photography: www.dreamingof.net


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