On the wish list: poetic rings

When all the parks are in bloom and the entire Instagram feed is full of magnolias, violets, tulips and roses, what better way to enter in to the mood could be than some colorful poetic rings?

Poetic Drops is a collection of rings from PANDORA, especially designed for the Spring 2016. You could find them on www.pandoragroup.net, www.pandora.net. 

Therefore, the new Poetic Drops collection of rings from Pandora, especially designed for the Spring 2016 includes a series of colorful and joyful rings. Pastel water drops on your fingers? No, there are the PANDORA rings, with candy yellow, purple and pink stones, perfect to be worn one next to each other. The more, the merrier!

pandora spring rings 2PANDORA rings are made of 925 silver, with a cubic zirconium stones of different colors or deep sea blue crystal stone. If you need something different, you could try the gold version of the rings (14K), decorated with a powdery pink crystal stone. (www.pandoragroup.net, www.pandora.net)

pandora spring rings 3


Makeup inspiration @ Chanel Paris in Rome Métiers d’Art 2016