#WearTheChange: fashion heroes may change the world

Hi, my name is Alina and I used to be a shopaholic. I am a vegetarian. I recycle plastic, paper and glass. I try to reduce the waste when it comes to food. But I couldn’t help buying more and more fashion items. Now I’ve changed. And I tried  to #WearTheChange. 

This story could be anybody’s story. And that’s because, amazed by the new items in the stores and fascinated by the beautiful well cut clothes, we think about sustainability only in terms of food, wastes, energy or water. But let’s be honest and admit it: the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, next to big oil. Every year, millions of tons of textiles and shoes are produced. And every stage in a garment’s life threatens our planet and its resources. For example, it can take more than 20,000 litres of water to produce one pair of jeans. And, sometimes, we wear them just for one season.

What could we do? To wear grandma’s clothes? To donate, every season, our beloved dresses? To stop buying? Well, the answer may be simpler: we could follow the trends, we could buy new and enchanting new things. But we should do it responsibly and try, sometimes, to repair, re-wear, recycle. Or to buy better & choose better. To be a fashion hero.

The change starts today

Starting today, I could choose better. And that is because C&A, one of the largest fashion manufacturer in the world, launches, this February 2018, an extensive sustainability collection under the umbrella of #WearTheChange. This industry – leading collection showcases products made from Bio Cotton, Chrome-Free tanned leather, responsibly sourced Viscose, Recycled Cotton in Denims, Recycled Polyester, Bio Cotton and C2C (Cradle to Cradle Certified) materials.

Therefore, I am pretty sure I will look on the shelves for Cradle to Cradle Certified T-shirt collection (a collection launched only 6 months ago, with a big impact on fashion market) and, of course, bio cotton jeans (you know me, I cannot live without my jeans!).

Keep this in mind…

  • * It is a collection for the entire family (women, men, children clothes). And the products will have a special tag, to identify them easily in the store.
  • * The collection #WearTheChange will also include, among others, recycled polyester blouse, chrome-free tanned leather biker jackets, recycled nylon bodysuits and bio cotton underwear.
  • * Certified Cradle to Cradle™ Gold T-shirts with C&A tag on them are made entirely out of 100% Bio cotton. For these Tees (awarded with “the most sustainable invention of the year” in 2017), C&A used renewable energy, a better water management, as well as helping the organic cotton farmers and reducing the use of pesticides and fertilisers.
  • * Products can be recovered via composting, reuse or recycling.
  • * In 2016, using organic cotton, C&A saved the use of 134 billions of water. Or, let’s put it this way: the content of 53.000 Olympic pools (!) was not spill.


What’s going to be next? 

What is C&A goal? What a company that has even broken records in the last five years, by placing itself as the biggest organic cotton user could do more? Well, to become more sustainable: for example, to grow from more than a half of cotton products made in a sustainable way to 100% sustainable cotton lines. That, along with reducing the pollution, a better management of water use, less energy used, no more wastes, recycling the used clothes. And (we hope, for the sake of our wardrobe), more and more sustainable lines.

What should be our aim for the next years? To be more involved, to buy sustainable. To think about before rushing into the stores and buy just to follow some trends. To change our way of thinking about the pollution, about our Earth and about ourselves.

Therefore, don’t just bee the change. Wear it! #WearTheChange

C&A is one of the biggest retail business in Europe, with more than 1.500 stores in 19 countries and more that 2 millions visits per day in stores. C&A stores are present in Europe, Brazil, Mexico and China.