Walking paintings – interview with the creator of Adria Arte scarves

These days, the dresses are more and more resembling some pieces of art. Today, the fashion shows look more like some art galleries. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to put all this art closer to us and start… wearing it! This was, among others, the reason Adria Arte brand started, to offer some wearable art pieces. We could have now a unique painting around our neck: a beautiful art scarf. I talked to Adriana Repede about art and memories, about a business started from passion and future projects.

adria arte scarf

Adria Arte scarves could be found on www.molecule-f.com site, in Molecule-F store (Promenada Mall) and on www.adriaarte.com

Why scarves? Why art scarves?

Because I have decided that Adria Arte should be a brand Designer Label Signature Print, which must make a debut with accessories, and the most suitable ones for this kind of concept were scarves. Art scarves – because I wanted to create a product unique, special, luxury, but artistic at the same time.

Your love story with fashion has started with…

I was a Beauty Coach and Image Trainer for 20 years. I talked at the events about luxury products, beauty and image so much that I wanted to be able to create a product myself that even give me the thrills when I see and when I touch it.

adria arte esarfa

adria arte hand scarf

What was the biggest fear since you have started the business?

Not to have enough time or availability to transform my ideas into reality.

Which are the stages of making a perfect Adria Arte scarf? 

First of all, we rely on imagination: we set the theme of collections, which starts from the inspiration of the creator of the brand, author, visual artist & designer. We want that our creations to be an inspiration. The unique design contains interesting details that take the viewer by surprise. Then, Adriana hand-paints (acrylic on canvas) the patterns, using bright, powerful colours – these are the base for the patterns on the Adria Arte scarves. Finally, we are talking about craftsmanship: we use the highest quality silk, we organise the collection profile, and the products to be made (and we relay on a 20 years old knowledge and experience in the luxury goods industry). We prepare samples for tests, then we evaluate and modify these samples. Finally we choose the ideal packaging for the silk beauties.

adria arte esarfe

adria arte molecule f

The most memorable scarf you have ever seen in your life was… 

… a Dior one, memorable by the innovative way it was realised.

For me, a scarf keeps holiday memories. What a scarf means to you? 

A scarf has a double meaning for me: one from the moment I paint the pattern, the second one from the moment when the painting is transformed into a real scarf, a real wearable art!

esarfa adria arte

scarf adria arte

If Bucharest could be a scarf, it would look like… 

… with lights & shadows.

What is next for Adria Arte? 

A very special capsule collection, which is going to be released this spring.

adria arte detalii

adria arte scarves

Summer or winter? Summer.

Urban girl or bohemian kind of human? Urban Girl.

Car or bike? Car.

 Next collection in 2 words? French Riviera.

adria arte detaliu funda

Alina Aliman & Adriana Repede

Photography: Ciprian Rotaru / Easy Engineering- http://easyengineering.ro 


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