Waking up in the valley of Fleuve Tendre

Do you know that feeling of “I am not sure I am awake, but if it’s a dream, let me sleep, please”? Well, that’s the feeling when you smell, for the first time, Fleuve Tendre perfume from the Liquides Imaginaires line. And its story is a beautiful journey in a half real half fictional world of legends, princesses and love happy-endings.

And because for a captivating story I need a good storyteller, I talked with Philippe Di Méo, founder of Liquides Imaginaires, at Beautik Haute Parfumerie, about myths, scents and legends. And about how cool would it be for him to imagine a perfume inspired by… Dracula.

Liquides Imaginaires perfumes are available on www.beautik.ro and in Beautik Haute Parfumery stores. 

Why do you called them Liquides Imaginaires? 

It all started with an exhibition during Paris Design Week in 2011. I had an agency at that time and I needed to have a new challenge in terms of creativity. I thought it would be interesting to have something linking the outside with the inside of the perfume. I read a lot and I have discover that perfume wasn’t intended first for humans, but for Gods. For me, the perfume is the link between the material and the immaterial, between visibility and invisibility. It is not a material with the same power like the wood, for example; is very different. So, to go back to the beginning, I had this exhibition and this allowed me to meet my partner, David Frossard, who has a large experience with the perfumery world and he encouraged me to go with this project. Liquides Imaginaires is paying a tribute to the fundamental and magical essence of a perfume.

What is the story of Fleuve Tendre perfume? 

You know, my perfumes are never alone, they always work in trilogies. This one I call it L’Eau Imaginaires and the thirs perfume will be launched in September. You see, on this map (a real one, from the romantic French period), you can see an allegory of a fictional love. There are three rivers and every one of them has a story. I took this map and I have imagined new stories based on it – like this place for secret loves and rendez-vous. Therefore the perfume has a feminine note and a masculine accent.

If this perfume we had today, Fleuve Tendre, would be a song, it would be…

Maybe is not a song but more a voice, the voice of David Bowie.

Which are the notes on this perfume, Fleuve Tendre? 

Top notes are black pepper, cardamon, saffron, coriander, mandarin orange. Middle are geranium, rose water, and the base notes are vetiver, patchouli, musk, tonka bean and suede.

Liquides Imaginaires

I read that you like myths, legends. Which legend is your favourite one? 

From all the legends and myths my favourite is the story of Dracula. Because I love because that implies beauty and some darkness, and some charm. I loved in particular the Dracula of Coppola, because this is very elegant and romantic but at the same time there is a lot of dark inside.

And how a perfume inspired by this story would smell like?

I would tell you a secret. The next perfume will be something inspired by this story, somehow. The name would be La Beauté du Diable. For me, this kind of perfume is something very elegant, very classic, at the beginning (because there is an appearance to be maintain), then becoming a little bit dark and mysterious. But well, that is, how the Americans would say, the price you must may.  If I am talking about the ingredient, I think sulfat is something to be used, because it is a dangerous ingredient (inflammable) and hidden, as the two lovers’s story.

Liquides Imaginaires

Philippe Di Méo, Alina Aliman

With a career of more than 25 years in the luxury sector as a designer and architect, Philippe Di Méo has collaborated with some of the major brands. Always interested in liquid materials and sensory and olfactory experience, in 2005 he entered the world of perfumes by creating the first three fragrances of Liquides Imaginaires. Together with David Frossard – expert in rare fragrances and founder and President of Différentes Latitudes, an agent and distributor specialised in niche perfume brands – they created Liquides Imaginaires. Their brand is known worldwide for its unique fragrance Trilogies, which draw upon mystical inspiration.


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