#viennacontemporary 2020 in 12 images

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Until the fall, I thought that #artdays are over outside online viewing rooms. Therefore, I was grateful for every occasion to see new or old artist, to witness the art events in whatever form I could. One of my regrets? I couldn’t see, live, #viennacontemporary 2020. But I looked over the videos, the news and photos from the event, I choose my favourites and I made out a portrait of #viennacontemporary 2020 in 12 images.  (1. – Photo up – Galerie Ernst Hilger at viennacontemporary 2020, © kunst-dokumentation.com)

More info about the art fair – www.viennacontemporary.at
Browse and buy art –

The Vienna selection of 2020 included 65 galleries from 16 countries (Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, United Kingdom). 

2. Galerie Gans at viennacontemporary – Izvor Pende, Hidden, 2020

Some of the usual galleries were missing from the art fair this year – the global pandemic and the restrictions made the trips very difficult. Some of the artists postponed their plans for the next year and some of them cancelled all the exhibitions. Therefore, Vienna Contemporary officials launched this year an online show, as well – on https://c.viennacontemporary.at – so that everybody could attend, in the end, the exhibition. 

3. Galerie Ani Molnar at viennacontemporary, Konok Tamás, Le meme lux Párizs, 1969

This year, the fair featured a special show at the fair: “The ZONE1” exhibition format curated by Cathrin Mayer which exclusively presents artists under 40 who live, work, or study in Vienna. 
The Talks program Central and Eastern European ART: Beyond Social Utopia was put together by Jelena Petrović, the ArtTech Talks series by curator Francesca Gavin.
The fair also included a digital extension called  “vc_on”. The platform aims to put a spotlight on Austrian, Central, Southeastern, and Eastern European art, addressing new audiences and young collectors, connecting galleries with art lovers, and fostering sustainable relationships.

4. Galerie Reinthaler at viennacontemporary, Hubert Blanz – Urban Codes, Lichtdiagramm 03, 2018
5. Galerie Gerald Hartinger at viennacontemporary, Keith Haring, Untitled, 1982
6. Galerie Hubert Winter at viennacontemporary – Michael Höpfner, Lie Down Get Up Walk On Snow Leopard, 2015
7. Laurence Sturla at Gianni Manhattan, viennacontemporary 2020, ©kunst-dokumentation.com
8. Galerie OstLicht at viennacontemporary – Nobuyoshi Araki – Untitled from the series Flowers and Jamorinsky, Japan 2005-2006
9. Marianne Vlaschits, winner of Bildrecht SOLO Award 2020, Gallery Sophia Vonier
10. P74 Gallery at viennacontemporary, Milena Usenik, Undulation-VI, 1975
11. Twins by Roland Reiter at MuseumsQuartier – viennacontemporary 2020
12. Vintage Galéria at viennacontemporary – Vera Molnár, Bleus, 2017-19


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