200 Leagues under the Sea

Exotic flowers, ocean vibes, oriental shades: the new summer jewellery collection from Pandora will take us into a wonderful journey under the sea. All we need is a big ship. Or a mermaid.

Pandora jewellery summer 2016 collection could be found on www.pandoragroup.net, www.pandora.net.

We are here. On summer 2016. And Pandora new jewellery for this season are inspired by the exotic and mysterious oriental world, as well as the hidden secrets of the ocean. Therefore, the collection for summer 2016 by Pandora combines the deep blue or mint green charms and the shinny green and delicate curves of the rings with oriental flowers engraved into the spectacular earring and the Asian influence seen on the pendants.

Pick one piece, or maybe more: the journey will be as fabulous as ever! You do not have to embark yourself into a adventurous journey over the seas, you do not have to fight with the pirates to find the most beautiful pieces of jewellery. You could find your perfect necklace, the most beautiful ring and the best charms (with the most beautiful and delicate stars engraved in crystals) to be wrapped as a gift for your beloved ones, on www.pandoragroup.net, www.pandora.net. 




Photography: Pandora


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