Traditions reloaded: an interview with young designer Florin Breje

He just graduated from MDVTM Fashion University in Timișoara. He admires the work of Iris van Herpen and Lana Dumitru and he got his first love at the first sight with fashion… in a bridal dress store. Florin-Darius Breje is one of the young designers that caught my attention in the gala of 2022 generation of MDVTM – Fashion Design Timișoara. And I had to try on the clothes from his collection, ”Home” (Coordinator: lect. Asoc. dr. Corina Mutu). A lot of embroideries and a mix of traditions and progressive ideas, simple & complex at the same time. 

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Florin Breje – follow him on instagram – @brejeflorin26

Why this collection? How was the mood-board that has inspired you?

I thought that Transilvania has a huge unexploited potential. And I wanted to make this collection using the folkloric resources of the area. During our discussions at University, I have realised that not so many Romanian designers are using the traditions and the cultural heritage from traditional costumes and popular art. And I grew up in the countryside, and that kind of art is the best source of inspiration I could have. You can see that clearly in the mood-board that I chose for ”Home” collection. 

The hardest part in the process was… (the idea, the drawings, the making).

The hardest parts were… first, the idea, then making it happen. For me, as a designer, idea is very important, the rest is hard work. And to translate the traditional motifs into a modern collection was a real challenge. 

How was it to be in a fashion school almost without fashion shows (in pandemic years)?

Very difficult. We had only general informations, quite filtrated by the screens; you know, even if we had like 10 videos about how to cut or sew something, it is not the same thing as when you are next to a professional that explain this to you, live. It is easy to remember, at least for me, as long I am a person that counts on a visual memory. 

What is the most important lesson you have learnt in these school years?

The fact that a true creator should be in a never-ending quest for new things – to discover, or learn, to see. I am a very curious person and I have always want to learn new things, from different fields, so this lesson was good for me. 

Your first love encounter with the fashion world was…

It is quite a funny story – it took place in a bridal store. I was 7 years old back then, and that huge store, with a lot of fabrics, textures, with all the beautiful dresses lined up, all those laces and all the pearl embroideries were like a fairytale for me. When I got home, I started to draw what I saw.

The designer you will always love…

There are two designers that I love and respect right now: Iris Van Herpen and Lana Dumitru. 

The piece that will always be in your future collections will be…

The long dress that follows the body shape; this cut will always be for me the base of all the creations that make an impression. 

The trend that you hate is…

… patterns with luxury brands logos all over. 

What is next for you?

Master, new things to learn. 

About you, we should know…

I will let my work to talk about me and my collections to express my personality. 

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