To see: 5 new exhibition in Bucharest

It’s time to face the unfriendly weather and to see some beautiful works of art. Here are 5 new exhibition in Bucharest to put in your weekend agenda.

I am so happy that, despite all the restrictions, art is going on. Therefore, beside the usual visits at MNAR ( or MNAC (where Peter Jacobi Retrospective is just awesome to see –, I found 5 more places to go.

Muzeul Țăranului Român – Mirrors of Brâncuși
Mirrors of Brâncuși is a beautiful multimedia project, that tries to catch, through a series of multiple installations, the essence of famous Romanian sculptor. Approaching new technologies and reinterpreting well-known and lesser-known works of the artist, the exhibition is a dynamic presentation of events in the artist’s life, his relationships with other artists of his time. The installation put the visitors in a mirror and confront them with Brâncuși’s creation, but also invite them to put themselves in the place of some of the artist’s works, thus reaching an analysis of their own emotions and feelings. (Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român, 10 – 24 of February, 2021) 

AnnArt Gallery – Negru tripat by Claudiu Lazăr Melian
Every painting is a reason to dream. Every canvas is making us think of illusions, at some ghosts that we cannot face. “The painting makes us feel the artist’s fear. We are witnessing his tensed feelings, his struggle”, said Adrian Buga, the curator of the exhibition. The paintings will make us reflect more about the world and inner thoughts. ( – 3 February-12 March 2021) 

Estopia Art Gallery, Innocence  
The group exhibition is showcasing 8 Romanian contemporary artists: Angela Bontaș, Lucian Brumă, Andrei Ciurdărescu, Andrada Feșnic, Juhos Sándor, Sergiu Laslo, Antonina Manda and Ada Muntean. “When we are no longer children, we are already dead” – these words of Brâncuși are at the origin of the theme of this exhibition. Similar to the display cases that compose the Museum of Innocence built by Orhan Pamuk in Istanbul, each selected work of this exhibition has its own “innocent story”. From the simulation of the child’s drawing made by Angela Bontaș in The Little Prince to the solar-utopian garden in Andrei Ciurdărescu‘s paintings. But the flashes of “happy spaces” are counterbalanced by their obscure counterparts – Ada Muntean’s uncertain corporealities or in the refined underwater reverie of Andrada Feșnic. ( – 11 February – 3rd of April 2021)

Andrada Feșnic, How I See Emir and Rene
Juhos Sandor, Still Life with Fluttering

Gaep Gallery – Alpher-Bethe-Gamow 
The newest artist represented by Gaep Gallery, Mihai Plătică, is inviting us in… space. He is attracted by natural phenomena and celestial corps and explores all of these in some wonderful photographies, seen somewhere between poetical and abstract. The title of the exhibition is referring to a scientific article that stands for Big Bang Theory. Is an exhibition about art & science and the beautiful connection between these two. (, 6 March–8 May 2021)

Celula de Artă – Show Your Tongue 
The works of the Bulgarian artist Neno Belchev, gathered under the concept of SHOW YOUR TONGUE! are on display. Neno began to make, at the beginning of 2020, portraits based on photos, either of friends or found on the Internet, in which the characters stick out their tongues. This gesture, that has multiple connotations in different cultures, from an erotic or disrespectful one to a warrior and even a greeting, is immortalised in works of art. (B-dul Carol, @celuladearta, until 18th of February)