The perfect cut: beautiful collages

I know Marian (Pălie) for some years. And I have always admired his sense for nice things, his passion for outstanding artists and interesting fashion designs. Therefore, I couldn’t miss this October his exhibition with collages that link all these worlds into one interesting project.
Delicate lines, strong nuances of red and a permanent balance between the well-known figures from Ştefan Câlţia and shapes, cuts and textures from Valentina Vidraşcu designs or the outfits and make-ups from Alexander McQueen catwalk looks. “The Ştefan Câlţia painting have always an unbreakable relation with the idea of outfits, of some attire. In most cases, the attires from Ştefan Câlţia paintings end up being the main character”, says Marian Pălie. And his efforts to interconnect the painting and the fashion design in a stylist’s exercise for a collage as an object of art is, in the end, dazzling.
“The collage is not a work of art in a traditional meaning, but means of archiving the links with a similar background and reorganizing the existent information. Every element has its own correspondent and tries to underline a truth, a link, a subject, a certain idea”, he says.
Until 6th of November, at Galeria Posibilă (Galeria Posibilă, 6 Popa Petre Street, Bucharest,, the collages entitled “Tăietura perfectă. Marian Pălie. Ştefan Câlţia. Valentina Vidraşcu”, a project built like an dialogue-experiment between three artists, the painter Ştefan Câlţia, the fashion designer Valentina Vidraşcu and the stylist Marian Pălie.

Pictured above: Palestrina’s Tears, Marian Pălie & Sunday morning, Marian Pălie

More events to come:
22nd of October, at UNA Galeria, a conference of Marian Pălie, with the interventions from Ştefan Câlţia and Valentina Vidraşcu.
29th of October, at Valentina Vidraşcu showroom: the second part of the exhibition, the fashion designer presents her version of Ştefan Câlţia’s world through velvet, silk and organza.

Pictured below: King of May, Marian Pălie

king of may