The Diesel DNA: denim and leather

If I had to describe myself I would say that I am a “jeans person” (and some dozens pairs of jeans in my dressing would back me up on this!). And, like any other collector, I have never enough pieces… This season I put my eyes on the latest Diesel Spring Sumer Preview 2016 Collection and I know that I will need the skin-tight black jeans and a leather motocross jacket emblazoned with vintage prints. Because I don’t think it can ever be too much rock vibe in an outfit…
“The brand’s codes are everywhere, subtle and boldly evident. We poured our focus into finding newness in denim, breaking away with modern fits and washes to take everything to another level”, said Nicola Formichetti, Diesel’s creative director of Diesel about the new collection, that preserve the symbols of wolf and eagle, the Diesel’s graphic V-logo and combines in a new way the leather and the denim. What are we going to find into the stores? The lines are…
Back To Folk: Influences from 70s shape, knits, dresses with lurex stripes, flared and cropped pants and denim, paisley and patchwork floral prints, leather motocross jackets emblazoned with vintage prints.
Glam Rock: A black-and-white palette is infused with accents of rich burgundy, and there are vintage biker prints on T-shirts, lace mixed with leather, knits and denim.
Preppy Casual: Inspiration from 90s grunge: studded leather, embroidered satin bomber jackets, plaid shirts, star and stripe prints, chinos and oversized jeans with distressed finishes.
90s Deconstruction: Oversized trenches and bombers, chunky ripped and torn knits and long leather biker jackets, skin-tight denim.
Art is Tee: Contemporary art is a new element of the Diesel collection. Designed by three chosen artists, a lineup of graphic T-shirts will be created by different artists each season.
The Diesel Timeless Collection: With upscale craftsmanship and superior materials, the collection pays homage to Diesel’s most authentic DNA with a range of men’s and women’s premium leather staples.

Photography: Diesel