Playing with Chanel Chance: the story behind the campaign

Sports and couture? Bowling and a sweet perfume? Why not?! Everything is possible when it comes to Chanel. Because I am talking about the new film and campaign for Chanel Chance Eau Vive. Remember the boules signed Chanel or the box gloves embossed with the double C? Well, this time, the scene takes place on an amazing bowling alley (yes, I would try bowling there, even if is not at all my favorite sport!). Pursuing his long-standing collaboration with Chanel house, the innovative artist Jean-Paul Goude has once again used his remarkable creativity to enrich the fresh and playful world of Chance with his touch of fantasy and talent for allegory. The story, “told” in beautiful images, is about a bold and strong-willed young woman who wants to be on the Chance girls’ team. Looking for fun, friendship and a good challenge, she has to prove that she can take her chance and win. The bottles of Chance Eau Vive are thrown on the lane! Fun and energizing, I might say.

If you’re wondering what the Eau Vive smells like, expect the same grapefruit note found in the original Chance, but this time with a blood orange accord, and energetic citrus touches. Created by Olivier Polge – son of the legendary Jacques Polge who created the fragrance Allure and the original Chance – it’s his first wide-release scent for the house, as it’s newly minted perfumer. (





Photo: Chanel / Photographer: Philippe BAUMANN / Photographer: Jean-Paul GOUDE / Model: Rianne VAN ROMPAEY 

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