Playing in a jewellery world with Mariajulia Trento & Novitas Jewellery

For the first moment, she didn’t know what happened: I saw Mariajulia Trento smiling, so emotional and so happy receiving her prize from Molecule-F. Yes, the small Italian girl is the winner of Molecule-F prize for this year Autor 2018 edition. The piece that has drawn everybody’s attention? A beautiful ring with a unicorn in captivity, from Novitas Jewellery collection. Magical.

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Mariajulia Trento & Alina Aliman

When did you start to do jewellery?

Since… forever. My parents were in jewellery business, therefore I knew from the childhood that I want to do this. I was 13 years old when I made myself a ring. And it became as a real full time job 3-4 years ago.

Only your first piece was for you? 

No. 🙂 I must say that everything I designed it was for me. I make things I want to wear, therefore all my pieces talk about me and they define me. They represent the things I love and care.

What is the idea behind the collection you have presented at Autor 2018? 

Pieces of wonder, all reminding of botanical and naturalistic collections of the 80s. I have to say that pieces I have presented are also form my personal line. I really like all of them, so it is hard to say which one is my favourite. Maybe the last piece I finished, the unicorn in captivity.

If your line of jewellery would be a classic movie, which one it would be?

I guess something between “Alice in Wonderland” and “Wizzard of Oz”. Something magical, but at the same time a little bit spooky.

Why you would say that is good to buy a contemporary jewellery piece?

In my case, and in everybody’s case here, It’s because a piece of jewellery, apart of beautifying yourself, it’s something that would tell you a story. And inside of it you will find something from the artist souls, something that the artist would like to say and to express. In a way, the contemporary jewellery is similar to art.

What would you say about you, as an artist? 

It’s funny: every time when I am asked this, I say that I am not an artist. Because an artist has a difficult life. 🙂 And I would prefer to say about myself that I am artisan rather than an artist.

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Did you saw a piece of jewellery you wished to be yours? 

Yes! I love the pieces made by Lalique and Fabergé. And actually, few years ago I saw in Turin an exhibition of Fabergé eggs; I went to see it twice and I really would have gone home with all the pieces, if possible.

What’s going to be next?

I think I have to recalibrate the business, the jewellery line, to take a step back and to look carefully  at all I’m doing. And to get more involved in social media channels :).

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