My Chanel beauty wonderland 

Alice: “How long is forever?”. White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second”. I wish I could stay in the CHANEL beauty wonderland forever, but the time passed exactly like just a second in that afternoon, when I saw all the novelties that the French brand has announced for this second half of 2018.

What did I like?

1. First, the make-up collection for the fall/winter 2018, APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”, Gabrielle Chanel said. Therefore, I tried not to be tempted by the colours and eyeshadows and blush – just because my daily beauty routine is quite simple (foundation, khol, mascara and a bit of lipstick). But I tried, heroically, to apply the blue grey of the STYLO OMBRE ET CONTOUR and the velvety lipstick.

Lucia Pica, the artisan behind this beautiful collection chose to explore textures for the Fall/Winter 2018 collection. Tapping the emotional depth and visual intensity offered by matte surfaces, the selection of eye and lip colours in APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL evokes a uniquely feminine sensibility – one of inner quietude, serenity and self-possession. “Starting with such an abstract concept as matte connected me directly to the woman who would wear this finish and to how that would make her think and feel”, Pica explains. “I imagine her as confident, sophisticated and elegant; intellectual but still daring. She’s completely unapologetic – my favourite kind of woman!”

  • In APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL, the rich taupes, deep browns, light mauves and powerful blues of LES 4 OMBRES reflect a sense of strength and contentment, while their velvety finish has a fine, watercolor-like effect.
  • The soft mauve of the JOUES CONTRASTE provides a surprising diversion from the collection’s otherwise somber palette. The fresh pink warmth suggests a flush of natural emotion against the stronger, more constructed eye and lip looks.
  • “The matte colors of LE VERNIS don’t reveal themselves straightaway; they’ve a distorted quality, as if viewed through the filter of a Polaroid lens.” – Lucia Pica.
  • “Your features can be made stronger and more defined in autumn; bold, super- extreme matte lips look entirely natural, for example”, Lucia Pica said about the collection and ROUGE ALLURE INK.

The APOTHEOSIS, LE MAT DE CHANEL collection will be on points of sale starting 15th of August. 
The collection will be available in CHANEL BANEASA boutique. 

2. Secondly, the exquisite line of perfumes – Les Eaux de CHANEL (Deauville, Biarritz, Venise – READ more about them here. 

chanel perfume

chanel scent

chanel experience

3. The incredible CHANEL SUBLIMAGE LA CRÈME. I have discovered that using iy, the time could flow on the opposite direction. 🙂 The exceptional next-generation cream is enriched with the Éphémères of Planifolia: rare and powerful molecules that disappear almost as quickly as they appear during the fruit’s ripening process. Intensely revitalised, the skin regains its strength, radiance and perfection. Add to that the extraordinary CC Cream and the No 5 L’Eau CHANEL Hand Cream and you’ll know why I can live forever in CHANEL beauty wonderland.

chanel hand cream

chanel sublimage cream

chanel Cc cream

4. The last, but not the least, my personal favourite (as I said, I do not have a complicated beauty routine, but using mascara is one of the most important moments of it): LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL with a 3D printed brush. Yes, I know, sounds a little bit Sci-fi. “Every adventure requires a first step”, said Cheshire Cat. Therefore, I will put my mascara on and, who knows, maybe I will add a hint of a red lipstick. It’s time to be fearless and brave. Just a Alice in a CHANEL wonderland.

chanel 3d mascara

The mascara LE VOLUME RÉVOLUTION DE CHANEL will be on points of sale starting this fall. The collection will be available in CHANEL BANEASA boutique.

chanel crayons

Photography: (C) Chanel


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