Midday in Paris: 12 reasons to be in love with Fashion Week

Twice a year, Paris is hectic. And when you see girls with impossible heels in the middle of Tuileries Gardens, sunglasses in the evening and organized groups rushing towards Palais de Tokyo, being (kind of) indifferent of the beauties in Parisian streets, you know you got here just in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. It’s an incredible journey every time: I’m glad to rejoin with old friends and to make some new ones. And, as every time, I try to look for something different: new designs, cute places, interesting and cool experiences. It’s true: it’s hard, when you get home, to remember everything. But I know something for sure: if I remember, it’s worth taking a second look! Therefore, here is my personal favorites’ list for this October Paris week.

The new Swarovski collection. Put me in front of beautiful jewellery which will remind me of summer, sea & sun and I am in love! The Swarovski Sea collection for the spring/summer 2016 includes a lot of blue shades crystals and marine theme necklaces. Just perfect for a modern mermaid! (www.swarovski.com)



Andrew GN show: both the fashion show at Palais de Tokyo (and the butterflies’ covered walls) and the collection, divided into two parts. Firts part conjured holidays, the sea air and summer, sun-kissed moments of Deauville and Biarritz. For the evenings, he put the gowns in sequined butterflies and some Chinese patterns. The missing designer (in hospital with a serious heart condition) deserved all the applauses. (www.andrewgn.com)


The new wood clutches from Inge Christopher. “It took us a lot to find the perfect technique to put this idea into practice”, said Inge, while I was trying (again) at some beautiful snake skin maxi clutches. Next to them, the sparkling little bags from Whiting & Davis, but with such a rich history. (www.ingechristopher.com)



The pieces signed Elisabeth Weinstock. “I like the snakes only on bags and shoes”, said to me, the next day, Elisabeth Weinstock (www.elisabethweinstock.com). “Me, too”, I agreed, and I started looking around to admire the beautiful apple clutches and the decorative snake skin home decorations. I found out that Elisabeth did not only bags (beautiful ones, by the way) but a lot of bespoke pieces of decorations, like surf boards, jewellery boxes, helmets and even boxing gloves. “I say that these are for decoration, but they are also perfectly wearable pieces”, smiled Elisabeth, while I was trying the boxing gloves. The rest… was a funny fight and a lot of smiles!



Rahul Mishra “Fourth Dimension”. A collection of the Indian designer (the only one who ever won International Woolmark Prize at Milan Fashion Week), full of shades of sunflower yellow, dusty sky blue and rose pink contrasted with creams and black. Dresses, tops and coats dominated the runway as Mishra once again showcased his mastery of cut and texture, with geometric patterns at ease with sassy pleats and 3D-sculpted designs.


The Nordic installations. I don’t know how they do it; really, I wish I could find out the secret that inspired all the Nordic designers. Yes, I am a big fan of Nordic countries (if it is possible, only in summer) and their designs’ schools. Therefore, I couldn’t miss the surrealistic atmosphere at Ambasade de Finlande where I saw 3 fashion installations (mini-shows in loop, actually): Satu Maaranen‘ Asian outfits, Lepokorpi “Savoyish” spring/summer 2016 collection and the beautiful concept imagined by the designer Laura Juslin and the architect Lilli Maunula (in this order, below).




The Singapore-based designer, Daniel Ngoo, designs. I met him and his line, Whole9 Yards (www.whole9yards.com), at Tranoi, and I talked with him a lot not only about fashion and his inspiration (the Victorian biologist, Marianne North – the spring/summer collection is a tribute to one woman’s significant contribution to the world of flora and art), but also about travel, cool places in Singapore and about Dior and Manish Arora recent collections.



The pop-color collection of Cesare Paciotti. The same Italian elegance, in an outstanding display in Avenue Montaigne store (www.cesare-paciotti.com)


Diogo Miranda show. It was my second date with this designer’s pieces. And I wasn’t disappointed: lots of silk and fluid dresses, different shades of pink and architectural lines silhouettes. He said his spring/summer 2016 collection was inspired by the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragan and that means a new artist to discover for me. (www.diogomiranda.net)

diogo miranda1

Jitrois’ new pieces of leather. Amazing pieces of soft leather, embroidered and laser cut in delicate shapes, put in an amazing setup with white balloons, reminding us of Covent Garden installation made by the French artist Charles Pétillon. (www.jitrois.com)



The amazing details of the fabrics and the cool show put together by those two Greek Cypriot fashion designers Dimos Natar and Andreas Georrgiou. Natargeorgiou (www.natargeorgiou.com) designs follow some traditional patterns, but with an modern eclectic twist. Rainbow colors play with paisley, lace and even netted material. Yes, and I couldn’t forgot the furry pink ankle booties…. Bravos!


The DROMe mini-shows (www.dromedesign.it). Not because of the pretty outfits in pastel shades, but because it made me think again and summer and sand and beaches…



Hello, there, spring/summer 2016 season, are you listening? Come faster, pretty please!

Photo: dreamingof.net