Meet the locals: 7 Romanian beauty brands

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”, said the legendary Coco Chanel once. Therefore, it’s the perfect time to choose who you want to be and to pick the perfect beauty products for your skin. And, for this month, let’s go local! I have discovered 7 different Romanian brands and I put them on my beauty list.  

Right, this blog is not about beauty, in the first place. And I am not a beauty expert, for sure. But I really like to discover local brands (like jewellery ones or young cool Romanian designers. And, after a summer spent in Romanian swimming suits, in some beautiful local places… I think now it’s the perfect time to meet the Romanian beauty brands.

1. Iehana@iehanacosmetics

Their secret ingredient: Kangen water (pure, alkaline and antioxidant water). Along with that, the products incapsulate clay, lily and alga extracts, ginseng, essential oils – in fact, a lot of substances with Ayurvedic proprieties. 

On my try list: Cleanser Balm – a solid make-up remover, vegan, with shea and coconut butter.

2. Nuca@nucaorganic

Their secret: handmade cosmetics, with 100% natural ingredients – bee wax; green tea; almond, coconut, jojoba, olive, kukui oils; rosemary and honey. P.S. – I just loved the smell of the facial cleanser! 

On my list: the Body Cream with green tea and almond oil.

3. Gemeni CBD@gemeni.cbd

The secret ingredient: CBD oil. The products are natural, vegan and cruelty free. I just loved their packaging – the gemini stickers are lovely and the illustrations that get along with the website, as well. 

On my night desk now: CBD Infused Hair Oil it’s already there and I think my hair will thank me for the oil mix (sweet almonds, apricot kernels, marula, coconut, CBD).

4. NN@nnskincareconcept

Their secret ingredient: NN comes from Natural Nutrition, therefore some old recipes from the pharmacies came to life with a new approach, adding 100% organic ingredients and essential oils. Their philosophy: every skin type deserves a special treatment and nutrients.  

On my list: the NN cream from the Basic Line with raspberry extract. I think my skin will smell divine!

5. Deplin

Their secret: a simple, but effective procedure for every skin – cleansing, hydrating, protection and regeneration. The products have natural ingredients, from certified sources, are vegan and cruelty free. 

On my list: the antibacterial soap with thyme, laurel and oregano.

6. Sabio@sabiocosmetics

The secret: Sabio products are 100% natural, original, efficient, attractive and suitable for everyday use by you and your family. The products are 100% naturals, every product is unique, handmade and every label is manually applied. 

On my list: Relaxing Massage Oil – with grapefruit, camomile, ylang-ylang essential oils.

7. Cremeria

The secret ingredient: a pharmacy expertise, some natural and organic ingredients, no chemicals. 

On my list: Richy Rich Nutritional Cream – with a mix of avocado, cocoa, sesame, macadamia, camomile, jojoba – for my extra dry skin, especially now, when the cold weather comes.

Foto: @bandytozz


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