Meet Atelier BOLERO – the interview with the designers

A brand that has started just before the pandemic chaos begun, Atelier BOLERO is a fashion line that “do not set limits, we are all about courage and versatility”. I talked to those two friends who launched the brand Atelier Bolero about their passion for fashon & art and about their latest collection, Allure. “For us, allure means the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive at the same time”.

You can find Atelier BOLERO on… and on @atelierbolero. Also, you can visit the showroom, by appointment, for the best and most complete experience.

How did this brand start? What is the most difficult thing to overcome when you are a new brand on the market? 

Atelier BOLERO is a brand born out of passion for tailoring and sewing of Anca and Ketty, lifelong friends and co-founders of the brand. We have put together our passions and our own needs for versatile and comfortable clothing and decided to create our own label. We created high quality pieces suitable in various circumstances, covering everything from business meetings to leisure time. This comes in handy even more nowadays, when most meetings take place in a virtual environment, the combination of elegance and comfort proves its value and usefulness. We love tailoring and fashion because we find that it is the perfect opportunity to “get involved” in art and a great way to unwind after a tiring day. What started as a passion, shortly became a business.

Coming to the second question, the most difficult things to overcome as a new brand, beside the usual challenges – attract customers, gaining their trust, have patience etc, was the pandemic and afterwards, as a consequence, being relevant on the market and to your clients. We have launched our first collection in February 2020, and, soon after, everything was closed. Then the priorities have changed, ours and the whole’s world. But we have managed to understand and to adapt fast, and we manage to offer to our clients a nice experience and high-quality products.

The moodboard for 2021 collection includes…

The moodboard for the 2021 collection was an inspirational one and contained cutouts from magazines or Pinterest images, fabric samples, sketches, drawings that imperceptibly guided us towards the desired direction: the ALLURE (the name we gave to this collection).  

For us, allure means the quality of being powerfully and mysteriously attractive at the same time, it’s an attitude. It translates into casual-elegant, relaxed but ready for action.

The colors in our collection oscillate from ivory, beige to black, for contrast. We also felt the need to add complementary colors to the palette for those positive vibes and the good energy, because a collection is also about the state of mind, the mood, it communicates the “feelings” behind and idea.

The best city to wear the collection is… 

Each and every city. Romania or the world; we, Atelier Bolero, do not set limits, we are all about courage and versatility. The urban style is also really dynamic and flexible. So, feel free and inspired to wear our pieces wherever and whenever makes you happy. We promise you, people will love your allure.

The icon piece that will always be in Atelier Bolero collections is… 

The icon piece of Atelier Bolero is our embroidered Forget-me-not T-shirt, a unique creation, created by us starting from a basic, urban T-shirt, on which we embroidered with gold or silver metallic threads, complex and various designs, difficult to build. For embroideries we are using a special technique specific to our brand. The most beautiful part is again, the versatility – we can embroider almost everything we or the clients wants. This T-shirt was really appreciated and requested by our clients, for its uniqueness and for the fact that it is very functional. 

Old school items that will always stay on your moodboard are…

I would not say that we have old school items on our moodboards but we for sure have images that can produce an almost tactile sensation: when you see them, you are tempted to reach out and touch. 

The only old school inspiration are the simple, elegant lines. In everything. You will notice that in the cutting of our pieces. We play safe in a manner of speaking, but we usually add touches of boldness – embroideries, textures.

If your clothes could play in a movie, this would be…

Anything with a contemporary action starring strong, courageous, independent women.   

How is work as a creative couple?

Like in a happy married couple: we complete each other. In the process of creating and producing a garment, each of us has a clear role and contribution.

About you two, we should know… 

Best friends for 25 years and many more to come.


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