Happy 145 fabulous years, Levi’s!

20 of May is the 501® day. And that’s because, 145 years ago, one of the iconic pair of jeans was launched in the world. And the story of Levi’s® jeans keep on going, making all the denim lovers happy.

My first pair of jeans was also a Levi’s®. And I just loved them, therefore I wore them until the colour faded and they had a ripped (unintentionally) effect. Since then, I tried a lot of brands, a lot of shapes: I had a crush on blue ripped jeans, I was totally obsessed with the dark denim straight bottom cut jeans for some years, I tried the black ones, the white and pink versions (still I cannot wear embroidered jeans nor the large Beverly Hills 90210 shapes). And, after so many years and dozens of jeans, I am back again to the classical shape of indigo ones. And I just cannot wait to buy myself a new pair of Levi’s®, with the pastel or red buttons that tell the story of the iconic brand.

Grab the special collection Levis’s 501® now online and in 110 stores in the world. (www.levi.com)

levis 501 pastel buttons

The first pair of Levi’s® that originated in 1873 — the 501 jeans with a button fly — has clothed countless bottoms, seen numerous revolutions, and infiltrated many subcultures.

This summer, 501® family will get a summer edition with pastel coloured buttons. Taking the celebratory design one step further, select men’s 501® jeans will also be available with buttons spelling out 501® in the iconic Levi’s® red. Plus: golden buttoned jeans (reminding of the first miner’s clothes) will be available in Europe’s stores. Tops will also get in on the 501® Day collection action via oversized 100% cotton jersey tees showcasing the iconic graphic that was featured in the Levi’s® “Button your Fly” campaign back in the early 90’s.

levis 501 red buttons

Photography: (c) Levi’s®

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