Gabriela Bodin exhibition: it’s all about emotions

Dramatic portraits of lonely characters, fragments of a world dominated by fear, hostile spaces: the painter Gabriela Bodin takes us in a world full of emotions in her “Retention” exhibition, the first one in Romania for the artist. “Yes, you have to take some steps back to feel and see the entire scene”, Gabriela Bodin said to me, with a smile, when I met her at ARCUB – Hanul Gabroveni, in Bucharest. “I do the same while I paint them. I put some lines, I withdraw, I look at the photography – in the case of the characters”. So I did. And I couldn’t keep my eyes out of the paintings.

The exhibition “Retention” is organized by Romanian Cultural Institute ICR, ARCUB, Bucharest Municipality and Tiny Griffon Gallery ( and can be visited until 25th of February at ARCUB – Hanul Gabroveni.

With enormous canvas and a unique technique, Gabriela Bodin is now one of the most appreciated Romanian artist (even she lives, for some years now, in Italy). She is known for her portraits with sad eyes, expression less stares suggest a profound loneliness, a state of being that perhaps pulls forth from people those moments of fear or inexplicable anxiety they all attempt to internalize, barricading entry into the privacy of their lives.

“This is a new thematic series”, said Gabriela Bodin, when I asked her about the gigantic paintings with some crocodiles and icebergs. “And all of them started with an emotion, as well. With fear. Fear of deep waters, fear of climatic changes, fear of crocodiles”, the artist added.

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About the artist (prizes): Premio di pittura di Spirani, Italia (2014); Targa d’Argento, premio giovani artisti, Convivio Artistico F. de Lemente, Italia (2013); Premiul I, Concorso di pittura a Palazzo Borromeo di Cessano Maderno, Italia (2012); Finalista Premio Combat, Livorno, Italia (2012); Finalista Premio Movimento Segrete di Bocca, Milano, Italia (2012); Premiul I, Sezione Giovani Artisti, Premio Morlotti, Lecco, Italia (2011); Premiul I, Premio Arte Giovane, Soresina, Italia (2011); Premiul I, Biennale di pittura ‘Luigi Brambati’, Castiglione d’Adda, Italia (2010).



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