Flash Q&A with the designer of Cloche brand

Ioana Popa is a super nice and super energetic designer; she talks fast and, in her brand studio – launched 10 years ago, „out of love and passion for clothes”, you feel like everything is possible. And you can also dress almost for any occasion. Even I tried only some casual clothes, from the spring/summer 2021 collection, I tell you: you can fall in love with Cloche designs – candy colours dresses, wool jackets and beautiful white silk dresses. Not just for the brides. 🙂 I talked with Ioana Popa, the designer, on fast forward, about style, moodboard an the future collections from Cloche. 

Cloche pieces are available on… www.molecule-f.com https://shop.cloche.ro/. Showroom – Str. Costache Negri nr. 28, Cotroceni, Bucharest. Instagram: @cloche_creator_of_desire. 

My first fashion crush story was related to… my mother’s fashion style. 

I wish I have invented… a super fast sewing machine. 

The moodboard for the 2021 collection includes… colours, flowers, joy, life in general, all the things we kind of missed in challenging 2020 year. 

The icon piece that will always be in my collections is… the kimono. 

If my clothes could play in a movie, this would be… Sex in the City. 

The perfect remedy for an inspiration gap would be… a masculine suit and some high heels shoes. 

The biggest challenge for a designer nowadays is to launch the collections that have the same beat as the actual times we are living in. 

The next Cloche collection will be inspired by… the beach. 

About Ioana Popa, the designer Cloche, we should know that… she has a lot of energy. 

Alina Aliman & Ioana Popa

Photography: dreamingof.net