DIALOVES: Irina Marinescu X Andrei Runcanu exhibition

One artist couple & a lot of creative art works. This week, the drawings signed by the artist Irina Marinescu and photos captured by Andrei Runcanu are on display at Mezanin (the space at Palatul Universul, Bucharest). 

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DIALOVES – at Mezanin (Ion Brezoianu Street, no. 23-25, Palatul Universul) – between 28 of January and 5 of February 2022. 
All the works displayed can be bought after the exhibition and can be reserved. 
@irina__marinescu, @andreiruncanu

DIALOVES is, actually, a journey into a very personal and intimate space. And the drawings signed by Irina Marinescu and the photos by Andrei Runcanu are looking for their commune ground – emotion, fear, colour. The experiment put side by side works that show similar influences, commune aesthetic and chromatic moodboards, in one intimate and amazing artistic dialogue. Their art works have similar themes and they show an intimate and inevitable connexion between the artists.

See you at DIALOVES!



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