The brand to watch: AMBUSH

Tokyo based creative duo Verbal and Yoon took the celebrity world by surprise. Yesterday, I saw Rihanna wearing one of their accessories in Paper Magazine magazine, then I looked deeper and I found out pictures of Lady Gaga, Pharell Williams, Jay Z and Kanye West wearing some of their pieces. AMBUSH must be the brand of the day.

“We are inspired by sub-cultures, what we see on the streets and music. We’re also obsessed with pictures of places untouched by humans”, said Verbal and Yoon (recently nominalized for LWMH 2017 Young Deisgner of The Year.

Ambush collection

Verbal and Yoon, a trendsetting couple met as students at Boston College and have gone on to help define Tokyo street style for the better portion of a decade. Verbal, a skilled MC whose groups M-Flo and Teriyaki Boyz (the first Japanese group to be signed to Def Jam) helped to popularize hip-hop in Japan, and Yoon, a graphic artist turned designer, are both as lauded for their look as their talent.

Ambush collection fall/winter 2017/2018

“Our first piece of jewellery was just for fun” said Verbal. I can say the same thing for the pieces from their latest collection, Stance, launched in April, including some interesting pieces, like a pen holder necklace, and ID holder as a brooch and a locker-earring, in a DIY-cool and Harajuku style. Layering chain belts and ball chains complement with gothic distinction.

Ambush accessories: chocker, pendant

Now Ambush is selling in 57 stores worldwide. (

Stance collection – styled by Robbie Spencer Photographed by Hanna Moon