The beauty weekend’s essentials

The thing that I like November may be… a surprise, even for me, a #sunlover and #seaaddict. But this is the month when I get to see one of my best friend. And the month in which the trip doesn’t involve (almost) any luggage, because, of course, I could have all my friend’s house and all her beauty closet at my disposal ( I wonder if she already has SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT by Chanel).

All the products – SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT, N°5 THE BODY OIL &  LE BI-PHASE VISAGE – will be available at Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store, in Baneasa Shopping City.  (,

As every year, I start preparing. And, as every year, I decide that I could leave a lot of my usual beauty case at home, but I could not leave behind some essentials. A body oil (otherwise, my skin will be as dry as a dessert), a foundation cream and a good make up remover are very important to me. That is the reason that these three CHANEL products, newly launched, are going to be, for now, always on my travel beauty case.

chanel sublimage le teint

SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT. Practically, is all I need for a weekend escape: the skincare advantages, the perfect texture for amazing Instagram photos, and a beautiful skin glow. The SUBLIMAGE LE TEINT is an exceptional light-generating foundation for incomparable radiance: the texture instantly melts onto skin and it offers 12 hours of continuous hydration.
What makes it so desirable? Let’s hear from the specialists. CHANEL Research carefully selected the most precious ingredients to enhance this exceptional foundation. Diamond powder reflect the light for an incredibly luminous complexion and Intense Vanilla Water preserves the skin’s quality while delivering strength and vitality. In parallel, a trio of lm-forming, hygroscopic and emollient agents weaves a web to attract and retain water molecules in the upper layers of the epidermis and ensure complete hydration. It comes in 10 nuanced of beige, perfect for every skin complexion.

chanel body oil no 5

N°5 THE BODY OIL. It is not just a body oil, but a N°5. And this gives it superpowers. The extremely gentle scented oil brings a promise of relaxation in the soothing atmosphere of N°5. It subtly emits the iconic fragrance like a beckoning path to sensual delight. Bathed in a delicate scent, the skin is left soft, moisturised and dry to the touch.

Le bi-phase visage Chanel

LE BI-PHASE VISAGE, anti-pollution face make-up remover. I hate make-up smudged sheets and the beige lines on my white shirts – and these accidents wouldn’t be possible with a good make-up remover. Therefore, I cannot leave LE BI-PHASE VISAGE at home. It removes even the most stubborn makeup and the pollution particles that settle on the surface of the skin. LE BI-PHASE VISAGE combines two marine plant extracts which cleanse and “de-pollute” the skin while preserving its essential functions: blue micro-algae and marine salicornia (its extract is recognised for its dual moisturising and fortifying action on skin.

All the products will be available at Chanel Fragrance & Beauty Concept Store, in Baneasa Shopping City.  (,

Photography: (c) CHANEL


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