Around the world in… many scents: a story about Rosa Mundi

I entered the Rosa Mundi world in one cold winter morning, with a terrible headache and a tight deadline to take pictures and to fly to the other task of that day. After almost two hours, I was still there, talking about perfumes, with no sign of the ache (and some missed calls from other people waiting for us). But it was to cool to hear all the stories about perfumes and perfumers, and there were so many scents to be discovered… I talked to Miruna Queva, the founder of Rosa Mundi, about beginnings in the fascinating world of perfumes and travelling around the world in the quest of finding the unusual ones.

Rosa Mundi brands (Rose et Marius, Jardin de France, Profumi del Forte, Francesca dell’Oro and others) could be discovered on and in Molecule-F Concept Store (, Promenada mall ( 

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Rosa Mundi because… 

Rumour has it is a unique experience to walk around a roses field in one May morning, to feel the opulent perfume of this fabulous flowers with all your senses. And I have choose Rosa Mundi name also because this rare rose, used in perfumery since the ancient times, inspires me as well. And, for sure, its name is closely linked to niche perfumery.

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Your love story with the perfumery world has started…

I have always been in love with perfumes, essences, scents; the disconnect me from everything else, they make me travel and they make me curious to discover all the interesting stories behind a brand or a bottle. And when the chance of working in this field had appeared, I didn’t miss it.

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Alina Aliman & Miruna Queva

What do you love most in the perfumery business? And what do you hate? Why? 

For me, the sense of smell represents the most intimate way of perceiving the world and, at the same time, the most sensual. I am fascinated by perfumes power to provoke us to have powerful emotions, I am amazed how these scents could make us happy or could dazzle us, the way they move us and intrigue us in one second. It’s a real privilege for me to see the surprise and the joy on somebody’s face at that moment he (she) is trying a new perfume for the first time. In that specific moment, I know I am exactly where I have to be.

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The special thing we have to know about Rosa Mundi is… 

Rosa Mundi is, first of all, about lifestyle. Our eclectic selection of perfumes, cosmetic products or interior perfumes celebrates, every day, the art of living every day. Rosa Mundi perfumes are niche perfumes, created by famous perfumers, using only the rarest and more exclusivist ingredients. Our products are about elegance, but they are more than that; they talk about sustainability, harmony, art and traditions.

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To feel & understand rare perfumes we need…

To feel and assume a perfume… it is very important to know yourself very well, to dare to embrace your own personality and, of course, not to be afraid to let yourself seduced. The unicity of a perfume is the warranty that there are not so many persons using it.

If you could make a perfume, from zero, which would be the notes in it? And how would you name it? 

My ideal perfume would take me to the magic garden from my childhood, therefore it would include daffodils, rose wood and green notes. I would call it «Rose et Lune».

rosa mundi miruna queva

We need a special (unique) perfume in our life because… 

The perfumes from or life are a combination of memories, discoveries, attractions; they resemble us and the one we choose is, for sure, an expression of our scented emotions. This perfume will unveil some of our inner self, some of our secrets…. We are unique, therefore is absolutely natural that we want a perfume to make it ours, like a signature. That does it mean that we have to use only one perfume; nobody does it anymore. We could choose the scent depending the day, the moment, the outfit or an emotional state.

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What’s next for Rosa Mundi business? 

2018 will be an amazing year for Rosa Mundi and we prepare a lot of news< we hope we will surprise you.

rosa mundi

This things would smell like…

  • Winter… pine resin.
  • Bucharest… linden flower.
  • Fashion… iris.
  • Love… tobacco, honey.
  • A work day… ink.

rosa mundi perfumes new

Photography: Daniel Păduraru


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