A movie and a facial? Yes, please!

Spa rituals, a zen mood and a pop-up concept in one single experience? Well, as contradictory as may look, this is possible. After pop-up dinners and pop-up boutiques, with our eyes glued to the smartphone screen, we are already on the pursue of the next incredible, exciting, one-time experience. So… what about a pop-up Spa in a mall? Don’t you worry: it’s not about “live life on fast-forward”, motto which seems to became more and more popular nowadays, but taking care of your skin and relaxing in the most pleasant (but very fast, as well) way. The British brand Elemis (because they are the ones responsible for this pop-up Spa in Bucharest, at Baneasa Shopping City) tried this first into the airport lounges: at Heathrow and JFK, where travelers from all over the globe relax themselves in the Spas after a long flight. Good idea, I said, and I wish that the pop-up Spa to transform into something more permanent. And that’s because a shopping session in the mall with one of my friends (he will recognize himself in here) is for me more exhausting than a New York-London-Bucharest flight!

What could you find in just 9 square meters? First, a Skin Lab point (for the 3D skin analysis and diagnose). Then, a treatment zone: only 15 minutes are enough for a Spa treatment of your face – calming, hydrating, toning or lifting but you can always opt for a 30 minutes procedure (after all, who says that you have to see all the commercial before the actual movie?!). Last, but not least, a store with Elemis products (the British brand with 25 years of experience in anti-aging field), a “texture library”, how they will call it. (At Baneasa Shopping City, first floor; facebook/elemisromania.ro )

Photo: Elemis