Fantastic world of Amanda Parer: interview with the artist

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If you walk on the streets of Los Angeles, New York or maybe Sydney and you see a gigantic white rabbit… it’s not a dream. You didn’t fell on the rabbit hole and went to Wonderland. It is just possible to encounter the beautiful art installations signed Amanda Parer, an Australian artist. And you may found out that those white big bunnies (part of “Intrude” project) are on tour – they will travel this year across America, from San Francisco to New York, Houston, Los Angeles and Denver (and they will be lit up in several other cities in Europe). “I am thoroughly enjoying getting art out of the gallery space and into public spaces, I also like it that people looking at my work may not even know it as art”, says Amanda Parer (

Why do you use usually animals as your characters in your installations? Especially rabbits?

I’ve used animals as a focus of my medium because of their approachability. Historically, rabbits – or bunnies as they are affectionately known – have been seen in literature and fables as friendly and harmless. They seem uncomplicated and using them makes the work approachable to the viewer and then engages them in conversation relating to the wider ideas of the piece.

amanda parer Canary Wharf

Amanda Parer

“Intrude” is one of your most well-known (and loved) projects. Which one is your favourite and why?

Certainly due to the response to Intrude, the satisfaction I feel for engaging viewers is significant. The aim of Intrude is not to convince anyone about what might be right or wrong, rather than to engage in a dialogue.
To be able to communicate through art is a wonderful opportunity, and while I have been able to do so through some of my other projects it would be fair to say that I have communicated to more people with this work than any other previous works which is what any artist could hope for.

Why installations, which are a little bit… volatile? Why not photography or sculpture, or painting?

By their very nature installations take on entire environments. Two and three-dimensional art such as photography, painting and sculpture are valid forms of artwork and ones that I pursued until starting to venture into installation work two years ago. I am thoroughly enjoying getting art out of the gallery space and into public spaces, I also like it that people looking at my work may not even know it as art.

What is going to be your next project?

I am currently working on a new art installation called Fantastic Planet. This will comprise of five 40 feet illuminated figures in different poses and once placed around a public space it will look like that giant alien humanoid forms have just landed on our planet and a benignly observing us. This artwork has been co-commissioned by an Australian and Czech Republic Festival and will be on display at each of these locations in September and October respectively. View my website for more information – Fantastic Planet. (

Fantastic Planet Romania amanda parer

Fantastic Planet, Romania, Amanda Parer

What would your “ideal” project would look like if you have unlimited powers and resources? Why?

I wont be too specific because that would be giving away some of my best ideas. I could tell you but then I’d have to kill you, all I can say is – watch this space.

Describe Amanda Parer in 5 words… I am not a chair.

About the artist: Amanda Parer is an artist originally from Sydney but now resides in Tasmania where her work has been acquired by both public and private collections. She has been selected for notable national competitions including five times for the Blake Prize, as well as for the Glover Prize.

Amanda’s major public art installation “Intrude” was a prominent work in the 2014 Vivid Festival in Sydney. In 2015 Intrude has been on display in a several art festivals. “Fantastic Planet” was presented also in Romania, at Festival of Lights, in May 2016. (

Photography: Amanda Parer

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