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Hapiness is a journey, not a destination. Dream big, travel in style, live happy.

Alina Aliman – the founder of dreamingof.net. My work: www.alistmagazine.ro, COSMOPOLITAN, GLAMOUR, ELLE, THE ONE (and for some financial newspapers, online magazines… but who’s counting? 🙂 ). I love to be a journalist, it is the most amazing job in the world. I love to travel, to find new talented designers, to talk to interesting people, to experiment new sensations and to be amazed by beautiful art works.

alina.aliman@gmail.com / alina.aliman@dreamingof.net (editorial)
Instagram @alinaaliman

Camil Aliman – co-founder of dreamingof.net. camil.aliman@gmail.com (advertising & marketing)


Work (selection) – Alina Aliman– A List Magazine – www.alistmagazine.ro

Work (selection) – Alina Aliman – COSMOPOLITAN

Work (selection) – Alina Aliman – The ONE 

Work (selection) – Alina Aliman – GLAMOUR

Work (selection) – Alina Aliman – ELLE